Intermeccanica Viva 200sx convertible
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In 1982, Nissan released the 200sx.   Intermeccanica struck a deal to make a factory authorized convertible.  Soon thereafter, Nissan killed the project and handed it to ASC (American Sunroof) because Nissan didn’t want to deal with a smaller company such as Intermeccanica.   Intermeccanica brought two cars to the 1981-82 New York autoshow (one convertible and one with a removable hardtop) but never had a chance to show them. After the deal with Nissan fell through (20 cars into project), Intermeccanica made a deal to sell the tooling to a limousine manufacturer in Mexico.  Intermeccanica produced approximately 50 Nissan 200sx convertibles and sold them mostly in Mexico. "The product was beautiful!"
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