Intermeccanica TYP 82
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After two years of development and some six months of market testing in Japan, where it was received with enthusiasm and road tested by six leading car and 4 x 4 magazines, the verdict is unanimous. With limited slip differential the Kubelwagen outperforms a four wheel drive jeep. It is now available here.

Based on a rock solid tubular steel space frame developed for it, it is unitized with the heavy duty ISO resin fiberglass body, as per other Intermeccanica products.

Having secured the original designs, Intermeccanica is able to assume that the appearance of the Kubelwagen is identical to the first series (1940) vehicle designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche for the German High Command. The Kubelwagen, weighing only 1800 lbs, 50% less than the jeep, makes up in light weight what it might lack in displacement. Powered by VW factory built 1600 cc dual port engine, or available 1600 cc Super 90 engine, or even a high performance 2100 cc engine, it is fast in acceleration on rough terrain, but, due to four wheel independent suspension, the ride remains supple.

The four doors give good access to the four comfortable Kubelwagen seats. The front seats capture the look of the original Kubel bucket seat, and there is plenty of leg and head room. All locks are large three dimensional and DOT approved. There are three point seat belts with reels in the front, and lap belts in the rear. The tall side rail is fully reinforced with a 9" x 2" section steel structure to afford excellent side impact protection, as well a full cowl steel structure protects passengers and gives excellent structure to the body. The front seats are mounted on double lock seat sliders bolted to 2" x 2" tube steel chassis cross members.

The windshield folds down easily by loosening two wing nuts and is secured in the down position by leather belts. The top is both strong and easy to raise and lower. The design of the top follows the original, and the addition of a larger rear window provides good visibility. A positive seal is incorporated in both the top and side curtains. Stayfast Denim topping is standard in several colors, and Stayfast cloth is also available. With side curtains provided, the interior is snug and dry.

The interior finish is in a variety of colors, and marine carpeting finishes the floor. There is a good heater with three speeds and excellent defrosting. Behind the seats is a separate trunk with its own lid, which can be secured. Engine access is excellent. The glossy ISO Gel-coat finish of the Kubelwagen is perfectly matched by all powder coated trim, lights and brackets. All body fasteners are stainless steel. All Kubelwagens are fully factory tested and have had the initial service completed prior to delivery.

All around the Kubelwagen has turned out to be a jewel, providing endless fun, and good driveability at the same time.

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