Squire SS-100

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The Squire SS-100 is an almost exact, full size replica of the 1937 - 1939 Jaguar SS-100. The car was commissioned by Auto Sport Importers, Inc. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and made by Automobilli Intermeccanica in Trofarello, Italy between 1970 and 1975, reportedly by Fiat technicians who were moonlighting evenings and weekends.

Exactly fifty were manufactured [plus an extra car was assembled from spare parts] and all were shipped to the United States. Since they were made for American consumption all were left hand drive. Colors offered were red, yellow and white.  The bodies of the Squire are hand laid fiberglass. Head lights and radiator shell were hand formed by hand beating metal laid over wooden bucks with sand bags. Wheels are chromed Dunlop 15", 72 spoke and are true knock off's.  

Other than an original design ladder type frame, all under carriage components are American Ford. Engines are Ford 250 cubic inch straight six OHV. The car was offered with either a Ford four speed top loader manual transmission or a Ford three speed (C-3) automatic. Rear end is 9" Ford with fore & aft leaf springs. Front end is Ford "A" arms but suspension is torsion bar designed and built by Frank Reisner of Intermeccanica. Brakes are hydraulic drum type by Bendix on all four wheels. There were no power options offered but the car came equipped with a heater, turn signals and flashers, fog lights, etc.  The interiors are all black leatherette with bucket seats and quite comfortable. With the hand operated convertible top in the up position wind protection is achieved with rigid side curtains that have sliding Plexiglas windows. Full Jaeger instrumentation completes the package. The car is very responsive and corners like a true roadster. 

The Squire SS-100s have quietly slipped into collector car status in the past thirty years and have appreciated considerably in value.


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Thanks to Arthur Stahl for supplying much of this information.

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