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All Automobili Intermeccanica speedsters were made on a VW chassis.  Serial #s 0-246 were the first series before retooling. Serial #s 247-608 were the second series which can be identified by an Aluminum foil ID plate on the driver’s side door jam.
IM went to the following Auto shows with the Speedster: Miami, NY, Chicago, Seattle & Auto Expo in LA 1978-1979.  The Speedster was a very successful product which funded the Mustang convertible project.   Apal in Europe was a distributor for Intermeccanica and is now selling the Speedster under their own name.
The Speedster license and tooling was sold to Classic Motor Carraiges of Florida in 1981-1982.  They continued production from 1982-1990.
Intermeccanica International is still building Speedsters but with a new chassis, bodies and tooling.
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