Intermeccanica Roadster
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The INTERMECCANICA ROADSTER, a faithful reproduction of the Porsche 1959 356A Convertible "D", is the
distillation of almost 40 years of work in the automotive field by Frank Reisner and his family. Frank Reisner,
as so Many others, was instantly attracted to the shape and engineering of the original Porsche 356's when
they appeared on the post war scene in Europe. His later personal experiences with the cars in the 1950's
further strengthened his bond with these automobiles and was an influence in launching Frank Reisner into a
life long automotive career founding and running INTERMECCANICA. (A full company history is available.)
Upon Frank Reisner's return to North America in 1975 his interest in 356's and specifically the Speedster
resulted in the original Speedster replica built by INTERMECCANICA in Santa Ana, California. The years
between 1976 and 1979 saw some 600 INTERMECCANICA Speedsters produced, which are today themselves collected and driven by proud owners.
In 1981 Frank Reisner, a Canadian citizen, moved his family and INTERMECCANICA operation to Vancouver,
Canada, bringing with him the prototype and the tooling for the new ROADSTER, the 356 Convertible "D"
replica. The ROADSTER was for INTERMECCANICA much as it was for Porsche, the next logical step after
the, Speedster. The ROADSTER addressed many of the shortcomings of the Speedster without straying from
its sporting feel. The taller windshield made visibility excellent, the roll-up side glass gave the car its much
needed four season protection, as did the full scissors action top with its large wrap around rear window. The
ROADSTER became a car, as much fun as practical and safe with the top up or down, while still capturing the essence of what the 356 roadsters were about.
Since 1981 INTERMECCANICA has never stopped improving the ROADSTER. This has kept the car at the
forefront of its class and has created a faithful following around the world. The development has been taken
down two paths, one improving the general vehicle dynamics: its strength, safety, handling, driver ergonomics
and all season practicability. The other, pushing to make the ROADSTER increasingly more faithful to its
forefathers in general terms as well as in specific detail. These are two paths that have many converging points and have resulted in a competent sports car with an inimitable look and feel.
What follows are highlights of some ROADSTER characteristics. A visit to the factory would be more
informative and give you an appreciation for the level of finish as well as the care taken in construction. We at
INTERMECCANICA are always happy to give tours, please call and make an appointment You are also
encouraged to call if you have further questions about our ROADSTER.
   Please contact us if you have any photos or information about these vehicles! 
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