Intermeccanica Griffith & Omega
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Pictured above: Jack Griffith at the New York Auto Show in 1966 where he debuted the car.
Jack Griffith obtained a supply of steel bodies from Intermeccanica in Italy.  He utilized a hot Plymouth engine to power the vehicle. After 1966, this car became the Omega.
Factory price: 6095 Shipping weight 2540.
Engine: Plymouth V-8. Overhead valve. Cast Iron block. Displacement 273 cid. Bore and stroke: 3.63 x3.31 inches.
Compression ratio: 10.5:1. Brake horsepower: 235 @5200rpm. Five main bearings. Solid valve lifters.
Carburetor: Carter Model AFB3853S four barrel.
Powertrain: Chrysler. Three speed Torque-Flite automatic transmission.
Chassis: Wheelbase: 941/2 inches. Overall length: 175 inches. Front tread: 56 inches. Rear tread: 56 inches. Tire size: 7.35x14.
Options: Four-speed manual transmission. Radio. Heater and defroster. Air conditioning. Leather upholstery. Removable hardtop.
Manufacturer: Griffith Motors, Syosset, New York (1964). Griffith Motor Car Co. White Plains, NY (1965). Griffith Motors Inc., Plainview, NY
Most Griffith engines were 273ci except for one 383ci prototype.
Holman Moody and Steve Wilder took over production in 1965 when the Griffith failed to get off it's feet and it became the Omega.

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Omega at 1969 Detroit Auto Show

Omega at New York Auto Show



Photo by Leroi Ambers, (owner of coupe unknown)



Six sketches:

The following sketches were done by Bob Cumberford and were submitted to the IOC in support of his claims that he designed the Griffith. 

These were scanned from photocopies of the original blueprints or sketches so the quality is not terrific.

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