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1968 Torino Wiring Diagram by E. Ueberall June 1970


1.  Left park and turn signal lamp	26. Water temperature gauge
2.  Left park and turn signal lamp	27. Right turn signal
3.  Horn compressor motor		28. Ammeter
4.  Ignition coil		 	29. Ignition and starter switch
5.  Engine oil pressure switch		30. Cigar lighter
6.  Water temperature switch		31. Stop light switch
7.  Junction box			32. Windshield wiper motor
8.  Fuse block		 		33. Turn signal flasher unit
9.  Horn compressor relay		34. Junction block
10. Alternator				35. Heater blower motor
11. Regulator		 		36. Heater blower motor switch
12. Starter Solenoid	 		37. Back up lamp switch
13. Battery		 		38. Left dome lamp
14. Starter motor		 	39. Door jamb switch
15. Right park and turn signal lamp 	40. Turn signal and light switch
16. Right park and turn signal lamp	    cluster on steering column
17. Main light switch	 		41. Right dome lamp
18. Left turn signal	 		42. Fuel tank unit
19. Fuel gauge		 		43. Back up lamp
20. Windshield wiper switch	 	44. Left rear turn signal lamp
21. Instrument lamp switch	 	45. Stop lamps
22. Engine oil pressure gauge		46. Left tail lamp
23. Tachometer				47. Right tail lamp
24. High beam signal			48. Right rear turn signal lamp
25. Speedometer				49. License lamp

Note: This wiring diagram does not show the emergency flasher
      and electric window lift wiring circuits.

All circuits are protected by fuses.  These may be found in the junction
Box attached to the left side of the firewall under the hood.  Removal 
of two thumb screws and the..(missing text)