Motor Trend July 1971
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Excerpt from page 100:
While there was lots of excitement and spring fever in the luxury department, major manufacturers had little to show at Geneva.
GM's Opel used the show mostly to give their Asconas (Buick's Opel 1900s in the U.S.) some more pep and sales appeal. An "SR" rallye version was introduced, next to a true racing version developed by Opel's engineering whiz Klaus Steinmetz (of Abarth and BMW fame); the latter is said to have a power output in excess of 200 hp at 7400 rpm, and a top speed of 137 mph!
Also in Opel's pit was an economy version of the GT coupe, the GT/J: somewhat simpler in its looks and finish, the "J" will be a few hundred dollars cheaper than the base version. Opel hopes that this economy coupe will revive sales of the model - which has been more successful in the U.S. than on European markets. There was also talk of pressure to give the Diplomat an assignment in America.
Last among Opel's efforts was a Spider developed by Intermeccanica of Turin, using an Opel Diplomat engine and suspension, over a slightly shorter chassis. This Spider, known as the Indra, is to be sold on an experimental basis by selected Opel dealers in Europe.
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