INTERMECCANICA OWNERS' CLUB                          L. L. Burnett
NEWSLETTER #7                                                      R.D.3 Huntington, N.Y. 11743
February 1975                                    
The Club is starting out its second year with a deficit of $23.50.  There would be a balance of $36.50, but we are placing advertisements in Road and Track for $60.00. These sums reflect expenses of $176.50 through
the end of January, nine membership renewals, and three new members:(removed list)
Mr. Lancione is looking for an excellent only late model Italia convertible with air conditioning. Daniel Ahl is probably still looking for a very good 70-71 Italia. Non-member (as yet) D. S. Detrou may in the market
for an Intermeccanica car but wants to know more about them first (removed address)
Cars for Sales
(removed list)
Dave Carter sold Italia #1 to Ed Carter (that's right) who promptly built a new 4-row radiator to replace the stock '67 Torino 302 extra cooling unit in the car. Anyone wanting to build a similar radiator for them should
write 2072 Coldwater Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, California. All members should know the necessity of a proper shroud around the fan for good cooling.  I've seen cars that lack them.
Brake Discs
For smooth, surge-free stops, your discs should have parallel surfaces.  Thickness should not vary more than .03 mm (.0012"). Run out maximum 10 mm (.004"). Minimum thickness is approximately .45" after truing. Rear discs may be thinner than fronts on some cars; (1/8" thinner originally - Mr. DeBano).  Remove stock only enough to insure parallelism -- the less the better. Don't worry about the circular grooves.
Ball Joints
Mr. DeBano reports (correctly) that Fiat will no longer supply the Fiat 1800 ball joints. They have thrown away the book.I'm contacting Fiat Customer Service but I don't expect much. What we need is a contact in Italy who will supply these. FRAP makes replacements. Any member know a parts man in Torino?
Rust Proofing
Discovered at the N.Y. Auto Show (where again the only beautiful cars were Italian) the existence of a large company, TKD, which provides a written guarantee on their rustproofing. Headquarters is at 13650 E. Ten Mile Road,Warren, Michigan, 48089; 313-776-5000, but they have dealers in 29 States. The Long Island dealer will give Club members a 10% discount through March 1975. Phone me for details. The procedure takes one day; all body work should be done first.
Used Parts
Many Parts have been provided to members from the Torino wreck. We will be getting into the drive train and suspension in the Spring. Gorden Willitts has a spare coupe door window, is looking for some high back seats in black.  Lloyd Shatkin (non-member) needs a rear bumper (phone me). George Tsiropinos reports that the Fiat 124 sports couple rear bumper might be rebuilt to fit an Italia.
Miscellaneous 'Won't Start' Diagnoses
1. An indadequately vented gas cap allows gas tank vacuum -- car will soon restart. Eventually the tank self-destructs inwardly. Use 2 vent holes in replacement caps.
2. An ignition switch intermittently will activate starter but the engine will not fire until key springs back to "on" position -- the engine just barely catches - sometimes. May just be a dirty contact in switch or loose or crossed connection.
3. An intermittent 'no start' -- check or replace the ballast resistor over by the regulator. Ford folks know about this problem.
Sure you know things which haven't appeared in the Newsletters. Send them in.
Anyone know any details on the Vetta Ventura? Was it made by IntermecCanica?
Thanks to Frank Wiggins for the Italia brochure. Are there others that might be added to the collection? What have you?
Exhaust System - Heater Leak
The follwoing expositions are by Mr. Haritos, who can provide all system parts, ready to install for $125.00 (8 Indian Spring Road, Budd Lake, N.J., 07828), and by Matt Wolff.
Exhaust system information (Italia 1969)
Parts list (will last a long time, look good and cost moderately)
1. Y-Pipe AP part no. 7288 1967 Mustang (1 each) (not 66 68 or 69).
2. Pipe Reducers 2" to 1 3/4, J. C. Whitney, Chicago, Ill. (2 each).
3. Flanges 1 3/4, J. C. Whitney, Chicago, Ill. (4 each).
4. 1 3/4 straight pipe 10 feet long, commercial (1 each) cut into two 5' lengths).
5. Pipe connector 1 3/4, J. C. Whitney, Chicago, Ill. (2 each)
6. Pantera mufflers right and/or left, Ford Motor Company, 2 each.
7. Gaskets, nuts, bolts and welding to fit.
nl7exhaust.jpg (40935 bytes)
1. Cut 10' liength of 3/4 tubing into five foot lengths and bend as shown - a final cut in length may be necessary at installation time to properly locat mufflers in relation to rear bumper.
2. Weld part 1 to part 2 to part 3 (flange).
3. Weld part 3 (flange) to part 4 to part 5 to part 6.
4. Bolt 3 to 3 with heat resistant gasket in between.
5. Located position for brackets at rear. Make attachments and install.
nl7exhaust2.jpg (41006 bytes)
2-25-75 JMCW, Heater Adapter Repair
Certain Intermeccanica models are equipped with an aluminum step down adapter from the Ford hose size to the Alfa (or whatever) heater unit. These adapters are located approximately 6" from the heater core. Aluminum does not seem to be compatible with the coolant system and will corrode to point of leakage.  An easy fix for a pair of these adapters is to go to a parts house, or plumbing supply & pick up tow short brass threaded pipe nipples approx. 2 1/2" long (one 3/8" I.D./ one 1/2" I.D.). Outside measurements of these are about 14 & 18 mm respectively.
Step One
hacksaw in half
Step two
Threaded ends fitted together (file if necessary) (each - half 3/8 half 1/2) 
Step three
Braze these units at the joint
Step Four
Use the damn things
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