INTERMECCANICA OWNERS' CLUB                          L. L. Burnett
NEWSLETTER #6                                                      R.D.3 Huntington, N.Y. 11743
December 1974                                    
Expenses of only $27.50 (we're learning) leave a balance of $64.50
after adding four new members:
(removed list)
Mr. Ahl is in the market for a good 70-71 Italia.
Some members have encountered problems in securing collision insurance.  State Farm Mutual, for example, refused to renew an Omega because the car was not the product of a "recognized manufacturer" and had a "fiberglass body". No amount of explanation could change this absurb porsition. Those members who have trouble-free coverage should drop me a postcard so that others can benefit.
While you are at it, please add complete data on your car, confirm or correct numbers or interchangability of replacement parts, express the extentof your interest in Club badges (and/or key fobs), suggest ways the Club can be more helpful. If you have information that has not appeared in the Newsletters, it is needed. 
Mr. Dennis DeBano, restoring '68 Torino #58 asks for pictures which will show trim and paint color (and inspire him too, I suppose). Send to (address removed).
I am compliling as many Intermeccannica sales brochures as can be located.  Needed are: Apolloo, Griffith, and Italia (West Coast, INI?). Please send description and price.
One owner, needing a new dipstick, located the motor code on the left front of the 289 Ford block (by the waterpump) and discovered he did not have the 271 HP high performance engine. He is wondering why the car is so fast!  Another found the rear throttle shift on the 4-barrel carburetor had never been opening.  Mr.Julian Leekus will provide Bilstein shock absorbers to members at 30% off list price until December 31st (High Performance Auto Accessories, Hauppauqe, L.I., New York. Phone is: 516-231-3440
Gas Tank Leaks
Mr. Bill Hirsch markets a gas tank sealer -- just pour in and slosh
around. $9.00 (396 Littleton Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07013)
Several owners have asked about windshields. They are available from S&V at about $400. Used ones are scarce. I recently read of a new process now being adapted by auto glass firms which provides good repair of cracks and stars. Anyone with more immediate informatioon this should share it.   Some scratches can be polished off. Mr. Jon Ward advertises his willingness to make up anything is curved glass -- if provided a pattern. Maybe someone will have him make a batch of windshields (1511 N. Ogden Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 90046).
Exhaust System
Parts for a complete custom system for Itaia (and probably others) from manifolds on back are available from Tasso Haritos for only $125.00.  It employs 1967 Mustang Y-pipes and Pantera mufflers. With it, you need only secure welding and installation. If you'd rather "do it yourself", complete details for assembling and dapting parts will appear in Newsletter #7.  It look as if this system might increase ground clearance somewhat
Tie Rod Ends
Fiat part #4109626 $10.77 is correct (Mr. Haritos). If your tie rod ends lack grease fittings, have them put on (Mr.Burnett).
At the end of our first year we have over 25 members and over 50 in the Registry. There are lots of errors no doubt, but they can be caught and corrected in time. My dependence upon the members for advice and assistance is increasing.  Luckily, everyone has been gracious and willing. I hope everyone will retain their membership in 1975. The fee remains $12.00 First time new members in 1975 will be offered 1974 Newsletters for $3.00.
Get-together #2 will be in April.
Parking Brakes - Windshield Wipers
The following discussions are provided by Mr. Haritos. Note too the date on Rear Spring Pads - Oil Filter - Parking Lights - Convertible Top Windows
To replace linings:
1. Raise rear of car using proper support positions so that two rear wheels are off the ground.
2. Remove rear wheels and clean disc brake units with air hose or brush.
3. Remove emergeny cable yokes from both rear emergency brakes.
4. Remove bolt and nut hold emergency brake shoe guides and remove guides (2 on each side) from each shoe. These are at rear of unit.
5. Unscrew adjusting nut and remove nut and indexing washer.
6. Remove spring holding inside assembly together.
7. Pry apart two halves of emergency brake assembly to allow long bolt on which adjusting nut was on to fall free on the pivot end. You can now remove the brake shoes from their housings. With the housing pried out as far as possible, each shoe must be pulled back (toward the side) and then down (toward the bottom) and out of the housing. It may be necessary to use a bent coat hanger to grasp the shoe from the top and pull back, while simultaneously pulling back on the bottom.  When the pad pulls of its pivot, you then pull down and out. Obtain Girling Emergency Brake Pads (old number 64932005EE), (new number 64932005LV), $45.80, from nearest Girling dealer.  Reverse procedure to reinstall with the following precautions:
A. Install pads into position (with blank area without lining always facing the rear) and see that the pads swing free and loose when in position. If they are tight or binding, file sides of horse shoe surfaces with smooth steel file. If they are still stiff, determine where the interference is and file until the pads are loose and smooth (no binding) when installed in position.
B. Remove pads, clean all related surfaces and coat or spray all mvoing interface surface with (Never Seize lubricating compound) being careful not to get it on brake linings or disc surface.
C. Complete reinstalling being careful that all related parts move freely and adjust emergency brake so that the pads do not bear against the disc in the brake off position and work properly (good luck) in the On position.
nl6eb.jpg (18931 bytes)
*OLD NUMBER 64932005EE
Windshield wiper mechanisms (2 required)
Lucas Wheel Box, new number 72841, %5.50
Lower Rear Spring Pads
Bottom 33 1/2 mm thick (Mercedes part number 111 322 0885)
Can also be used on top and is suggested if rear of car is too low - otherwise, use Top Spring Spacer Washer (Mercedes part number 111 322 0484)
To repair (replace) widnshield wipers:
1. Remove wiper arm from mount by pulling up from surrated stud on which it is mounted. Two screwdrivers on either side will pry the wiper arm off.
2. Remove nut hold mounting surrated stud to body of car and remove adjusting shim.
3. Remove the top of dash as follows:
a. Remove glove compartment.
b. Remove radi by unscrewing nuts on volume and tuning knob - (push radio in), do not remove, just lower into back.
c. Remove 4 nuts hold dash. Three are the inside front lip of the dash and one is on the top (on top of the radio). See Diagram. With nuts removed, pull dash straiaght back and remove.
4. Remove hot air defroster hose from defroster plate on dash (see diagram).  Remove four screws hold defroster plate in position.
5. Wiper mechanism can now be seen and is accessible. Loosen two nuts on each wheel box and unhook electrical wires on wiper motor marking them to insusre correct replacement. Unbolt straps holding wiper motor. Pull wiper motor out.  (The driving cable will come out with the motor.) The three round casings (gas line tubing) and two wheel boxes will now be able to be removed. They will fall down since the nut holding them to the body was removed in Step 2.  Reverse proceddure to reinstall making sure there is adequate grease on the drive cable and inside the wheel box housings.
6. It is recommended that a 1/16 inch plate be welded over the body at the point where the wheel box surrated studs exist. Most failures are due to flexing of the body sheet metal at this point, causing misalignment and loosening of the wiper parts resulting in failure (stripping) of the gears in the wheel box.
7. At reassembly check system out before reinstalling defroster outlet panel, dash, radio and glove compartment.
8. When replacing defroster hoses it is advisable to clamp them to the defroster outlet panel.
nl6ww.jpg (40393 bytes)
The following tips are included for Intermeccanica owners.
1. Oil filter for 289-302-350 Ford engine.
2. Use regular replacement PER 1 Purolator Filter if steering shaft clearance is adequate.
3. Use filter number PER 64 Purolator if there is very tight clearance.
4. Directional lights for the front may be obtained from Alfa Romeo part number 10103 65.011.00.
(Specifiy white or yellow lens)
Alfa Romeo Corporation (Part Dept)
250 Sylvan Ave
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
5. Aluminum frame with safety glass rear windows for Intermecanicca convertibles are available. These are 17" x 7 1/2" for $25. Larger sizes are available. Write for prices, X-Parts, 8 Indian Spring Road, Budd Lake, NJ 07828
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