NEWLETTER #5                                                                           L. Burnett
INTERMECANICCA OWNERS' CLUB                                      R.D.3, Huntington, N.Y. 11743

The clubs cash balance is $44.00 with the addtion of two members:

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The first get-together is now history. Although Mr. Schwendler was unable to attend,new information and viewpoints arose. I will try to pass on items of value in the newsletters.

A second communication regarding club emblems has arrived. Mr. R.E.Abbott, secretary of the Queenstown (South Africa) Motorbadge Collection has asked if he could add our emblem to the over 2000 on display. Perhaps Mr. Reisner will offer a design proposal. Of course a number of members would have to want them for this to become feasible.


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Rear Axle

Replace right rear axel shaft, '72 Italia with 1969 Ford Fairlane Part #C90Z-4234A. Check diameter of shaft end for clearance on disc brake unit. One quarter-inch of outside diameter had to be removed (1/8" off the circum- feremce). Axle is delivered with bearing which must removed and replaced. (Dr.Nash) You will probably see a special retaining plate on the old axel bearing. This prevent lateral movement of the bearing which when present may cause brief loss of brake pedal during hard cornering. To put a plate on the new axle and tack weld it very carefully so as not to change the temper of the stee of the axle (Mr.Schwendler).

nl5axle.jpg (11406 bytes)

Spring Specifications

Several owners have sent in the following data which originated from Mr. Schwendler of S&V Imports. It should prove useful if you wish to have sprins fabricated, make substitutions, or check-out yours. Suggested Change                                      Front                                  Rear                                   Suggested Change In Rear

Free length                 (14.91") 380 mm         (14.15") 360 mm

Coil diameter             ( 0.55") 14 mm              ( 0.433") 11 mm

Internal diameter       ( 3.62") 92 mm              same

Useful coils                 9.5                                  6.5                                          6

Total coils                   11                                   11                                          7.5

Load                            (792-814 lbs)at            (463 lbs) at (10.21")

                                    (10.8") height

                                    360-370 Kg at              21o Kg   at 260 mm

                                    275 mm


Used Parts

With the assistance of Matt Wolff, I have purchased a wrecked '68 Torino Coupe. Serviceable or repairable parts will be made available to Club members at approximately 50% of new prices. The following are probably not serviceable or are missing: Front fenders and left bumper, hood, gas tank, windshield, steering wheel, left front lower A-arm, window cranks, radiator.

The 289 Ford engine has 50,000 miles on it. Four-speed transmission seems OK.

Maintenance Tips

Do not use regular U.S. brakae fluid unless it states on the can that it is compatible with the rubber parts used is foreign systems.

Remove the hood and put anti-seize compound on the hinge pins. They rust tight and bend the hood.

That tenacious scum that accumulates on the inside of the windows on hot days come from the vinyl on the dash. Several solvents will cut it, but cover the dash while cleaning.  Or you can recover the dash top. It comes off easily. While off, lubricate the wiper joints, secure all wiring, lubricate cable(s), replace bulbs, etc., etc.

Check the steel brake lines, front and back, for rust. Spray with silicone oil if weathered or russty; also, have a look ar the flexible lines.

After a left wheel has been changed, snug up the lugs yourself, or check after a few miles.


Send me any information you have that has not appeared in the newsletter. Offer suggestions as to how the newsletters can be more helpful.

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