NEWSLETTER #3                                                                        L. Burnett
INTERMECANICCA OWNER'S CLUB                                           R.D.3 Huntington, N.Y. 11743
Three new members have been added to the roster since April. As of mid-June, additional expenses of $75.50 leave a cash balance of $37.50. More Road and Track notices and word-of-mouth should hopefully double the membership by year's end. Thanks go to those sending in names and car data.
We have yet to hear from anyone with an Apollo or Indra but our fingers are crossed. Attempts to locate Mr. Robert Cumberford who had a hand in design of the coupe have so far not succeeded. Anyone have a phone number? Very few suggestions have been received concerning a time & place for a get-together. How about the second weekend of September, on Long Island?
The cars of John and Linda Wright and Matt Wolff have recently been graced with excellent and reasonable ($125 - $130 installed) convertible tops secured from:
Electron Top Manufacturing
135-11 Hillside Avenue
Richmond, New York 11418
Phone: 212-739-1940
NOTE: Electron does not sell retail
Out in California, Frank Wiggins had a custom tonneau cover made for $105. Maybe car photographer Rick Lenz will get some shots of Frank's car, which sounds like a beauty!
Had a letter of inquiry from Mr. Charles Lamberta of Lindenhurst, New York stating that club badges could be secured at reasonable cost. Those interested should let me know this summer.
"For Sale" Notices
(removed list)
Front End Repair
Early cars through Torino, have twin A-arm suspension. The Italia was redesigned with, according to Reisner, somewhat less anti-dive effect. It employs a single lower arm. Apparently, both front-ends use identical Fiat ball joints. Some replacement ball joints appear to have given very short service, due perhaps to use of steel of" inferior hardness. In March 1960, Road Test had an iconoclastic article, the gist of which was that most ball joints are replaced unnecessarily. Their tip was to make sure when checking for wear that the lower suspension member is jacked up (not the frame cross-member) as near to the joint as possible so that movement is limited to the joint. New joints may have 1/8 to 3/16 inch play vertically, so you can see how easy it is to become alarmed.
Nevertheless, Mr. Steve Wilder suggested to me that ball-joints be frequently greased. So It's up to you. It's my impression that shimmy in the front end is almost always due to wheel alignment and/or balance assuming, of course., that compliance struts, tie-rod ends and rack and pinion are reasonably sound. The Italia owners' manual states that poor directional stability increased by braking may be due to worn lower member inner bushing wear.
The following dissertation includes Matt Wolff's brass bushing solution to the problem he encountered with his lower inner bushing. I can attest to the resultant good front end stability but I would suggest frequent lubrication. So have, the grease fitting placed at an accessible angle. Note also the caveat that all Italias may not be exactly alike.
Taken from hand written notes/drawings by J.M.Wolf 6/19/74
Bilstein - replacements through High Performance Auto Accessories
Nut, washer & bolt from Zelenda or any other supplier
S & V Imports
Lower Control Arm
nl3jw1.jpg (41954 bytes)
Upper Control Arm
1. Fiat 899983
2. Fiat 4007973
3. Fiat 4179997
S & V Imports
(Threads may have to be ground & unit tack welded to arm)
nl3jw2.jpg (33451 bytes)

nl3jw3.jpg (36091 bytes)

1. Italia Steering Column Support
Casting - Fiat 600 - 850 #4033658
nl3jsteering.jpg (8520 bytes)
2. Replacement Lower Control Arm Bushing supplied by S & V - you can use it but requires extensive screwing around.
HARRIS #62332
3. Caster = 4 - 4.5 +
Camber = 0 - 1/4 +
Toe In = 0 - 0 to very slight Toe Out
4. Measurement for lower Compliance Arm
*Double-ended rubber could be replaced with a ball joint similar to that used in the 1750 series Alfa Romero 15.5-15.75"
nl3jw4.jpg (25786 bytes)
5. Rack in steering unit should have its plastic bushing adjusted to eliminate some front end wobble.
nl3jw5.jpg (9507 bytes)
a.Back off mm 13 Lock Nut counter clockwise
b.Turn adjustment screw clockwise til bottomed out and back off one full turn counter-clockwise
c. Snug up mm 13 Lock Nut clockwise
If you own an Intermeccanica always use plenty of anti-seize compound
Taken from hand written notes/drawings by J.M.Wolf 6/20/74
7. To stabilize the front end further the factory installed a cross brace between the front end towers. On a '69 it can be installed using heavy wall conduit (1") with ends heated & crushed & 1/2" holes drilled - Weld Volkswagen seat bolts in front of shock mounts & install.
nl3jwsupport.jpg (23550 bytes)
Seat Belt Nut is locking type
Lock Washer or Spacer
Grind head on angle so bolt will be upright
*Seat Belt hardware is nice because the bolt is fine thread & has a non-threaded shank- Nut is locking type & high quality.
Here is an updated parts list for the Torino/Italia. As before, be sure to check that these parts will fit your particular car. In some cases I have been sent two different sets of part numbers for the same part. This may be due to a switch in parts during the model run.
Any additions to this list will be appreciated and will be sent to other owners.
Part Name                              Source                                  Price
Anti-sway Bar Bushing Fiat 1100 (enlarge to 22mm)
Inboard A-arm Bushing Fiat 1100D (lower A-arm inboard)
Lower Ball Joints          Intermeccanica $ 8.25ea
                                        Fiat 1800  Right 4015903 38.00ea
                                        Left 4015902
                                        Fiat Right 4080779
                                        Left 4080778
Caliper Mount Plate         Fiat 2300 will fit
Steering Arm                  Fiat 849064
Tie Rod Ends                 Fiat 4109626 (Fiat 1500?)
                                        Intermeccanica     6006 8.00ea
Pads Front Girling 643325750 (Ferrari)
                        Mintex M33
                        Volvo 1800S
Pads Rear Girling 64325738 (Ferrari)
Peugot 504, Maserati 3500
Aston Martin, etc.
Calipers Front Girling Volvo #16/3
Rear Girling Volvo 122S #12/3
AC Cobra, Fiat 2300
Master Cylinder (double) Girling Triumph TR 5, Tr 250
Pressure Warning Device Girling Triumph
Brake Hose Pirelli from Fiat 2300
Discs Custom machined by Intermeccanica
Parking Brake Pads Girling 64932005
Part Name Source Price
Rack and Pinion Peugot
Steering Shaft Sunbeam Tiger
Steady Bearing RIZ-SKF #10L25
Column Switch Assembly Made by VIF, Simca 1000
Front Parking Lights Fiat 1100
Tail Lights Renault R-8
Dome Lights (couple) Alfa Giuleietta, Giulia
Fuses Bosch 8 amp (VW, etc)\\
Switches Lucas
Windshield Wiper 2 speed Lucas (Jag XKE, etc,
95-100 tooth wheel)
Side Marker Lights-Front Ferrari (Made by Carello)
Heater Alfa Giulia, Ferrari
Back-up Light Lens Intermecanicca #02018 $ 1.20
Head Light Rim Intermecanicaa #4021 5.20
Seat Adjusters, Tracks Fiat
Sunvisors Alfa 1300 Sedan (white
only, painted black)
Central Ashtray Lancia Plaminia (rare)
Ashtray Light Siple or Stanley 12v.
Bumper Front Intermecanicca #4001 35.20
Bumper Rear Intermecanicca #4003 70.40
Gas Tank Intermecanicaa #6019 74.80
Rack and Pinion -                   Pugeot 403-C
Steering Shaft -                     Sunbeam Tiger
Steady Bearing -             RIZ - SKF #10L25
Rubber U-Joint -                     Triumph TR-250, Jaguar is exact
Column Switch Assembly -      made by VIF, Simca 1000
Front Parking Lights - Fiat 1100, Fiat 2300?
Tail Lights - Renault R8 is similar
Back-up Lights - Sime 1000 parking lights Lucas (Omega) Alfa?
Switch - Fiat 850, Ford
Dome lights (coupe) - Alfa Giuletta, Giulia
Fuses - Bosch
Switches - Lucas, see also Lamborghini 400 GT
actuating bars - Lucas #744254
motor - 2 speed Lucas (Jaguar XKE) 95-100 tooth wheel
wheel box - Lucas #72778 (some cars use adapter kit for Jaguar)
blades and arm - Peugeot, uses Trico refills, black Ford Cortina high performance Jaguar arms fit, long blades overload motor on dry windshield
Side Lights - front - Carello, some Ferrari, Lancia
Brake Switch - Fiat 850
Heater - Alfa Giulia, Ferrari, Alfa 1750
Head Light Rim - MGB
Seat - TR6 high back and Lamborghini Miura are bolt-in fit
                adjusters, tracks - Fiat
Sun Visors - Alfa 1300 Sedan (paint black)
Central Ashtray - Lancia Flaminia (some)
Ashtray Light - Siple or Stanley 12 Volt
Bumpers Front - Intermecanicca, Omega not available but center section adapted Opel or possibly Toyota Stationwagon rear
Rear - Intermeccanica, Ferrari 375 GTB looks close
Gas Tank - Intermecanicca
Hood - Intermecanicca, Omega too large for Italia
Pedal Pads - Volvo 140
Window Regulator - Fiat (Omega) Alfa?
Trunk Lid Supports- Ford Pinto rear hatch supports MGB-GT rear hatch support
Weatherstripping - (Doors U-shaped cross section) try Peugot 504
Ignition - (Torino with electric tach) Cap-Mallory 221, Rotor 319, Points 25042
Fan Belt - Gates 8210, (Omega 289 no AC) Gates 8221
Oil Filter - Volvo 122S, NAPA 1307, Telecalmit FP2509
Hot rod shops sell a remote filter set-up, use large lines
Throttle Cable - (289 Ford) Ford G5AZ-9A758J
Rear Axel Shaft - 1966 Ford Fairlane C60Z 4234D right is....4234F
Rear End - 1966 Ford Fairlane probably 3.00-1, Omega is 3.25-1
Instruments - (Omega) Jaeger (French) - for rebuilding contact: VDO Instrument Repair, 116 Victor Ave. Detroit, Michigan 48203
Oil Pressure
Sending Unit- Jaeger 082512OD6, MANO - 8BAP
Motor Mounts - (Ford 302) Falcon with 260V*
Wheel Lugs - (Omega) 1/2" Right Hand #AW-72223 (Allied Wheel Products, Whitehouse,Ohio 43571) current Kelsey Spider wheel
Front Wheel Bearings - Buick 1962 inner and outer RIV 51633518, 01047406, 51027406 (Torino)
Muffler - AC 6Z A5246G (Torino), 63 Cadillac, 57 Chrysler
Carburetor - (289 Ford) Holly 600 CFM
Map Light Cigar Lighter - 10-1476, Page 38, Cat. 323, J.C. Whitney, Chicago $2.00
Tires - Oversize - Dunlop 205-14 Sport Steel Radial, use 185-14 tubes
Gas Cap - Simca 1000, Drill 2 holes for venting
Wheels - Alternatives
- Wire Chrome - Zenith Wire Wheel Co., 155 Kennedy Ave. Campbell, California 95008 Phone: 408-379-3136
- Solid - can use stock 67 Ford in a pinch, will clear caliper
Radiator - 2" core can b e replaced with 3" core
Car Cover - fits all, #7757 alum. V.B. Haan Inc., Los Angles
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