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Intermeccanica Owner’s Club: IMAGE
#25 April-May 1981
ITALIA #50388414 by Rob Rowe
Scott Jende's Italia is black on black with gold pin stripes and gold Cromodora wheels. It has a custom hardwood dash face and Stewart Warner gauges. Other features include a 351/4-speed and A/C. This convertible is in Phoenix.
Photos by Rob Rowe
1972 Italia #50388414
Sender Calibration- When substituting different senders on gauges for oil and water you may have to select a resistor and place it in the circuit. The rule is: if the gauge overshoots, put the resistor in series; if it undershoots, put it in parallel. Roy Allen.
Italia front bumpers Pontiac 149-52 front bumper wings might work. R. Allen.
Italia upper ball joints- Fiat #4021225 and #4021224 are exact. Syd Porter.
Italia arm rests- Alfa. Jeff Runyon.
Italia rear suspension bushings- Alfa #102.0025.30500 (discontinued). Jeff Runyon.
Italia rear shocks- You can substitute for the almost unobtainable correct Bilstein by using #B46-393 made for Saabs. This requires installing a 3/411 bump stop at the top of the shaft. Jeff Runyon,
0mega parking brake pads- new Girling # is 6DB 518LV (formerly 64932005LV). Ken Veary.
President: L. L. Burnett
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President: Helmut Aulgur
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Editor: Rob Rowe
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Membership twelve dollars per year.
Apollos were numbered by body type, and I suspect Reisner's latter cars were also. That is, Apollo coupes ran from #1 into the 70's and convertibles from #1 to 11. Bodies 10 and 11 were completed but never assembled into completed cars, as they were seized for unpaid customs duties at the final bankruptcy of the Pasadena operation.
My title reads AIC 652009. AIC means Apollo International Corporation, 165 is the year, and 2009 1 presume the serial number proper, incorporating Reisner's #9 for the body number. Or, possibly 2 is a code for
convertible, that would make more sense.
One thing about Apollo body numbers: bodies that went to Texas (Vetta Ventura) were from the middle of the run. Hence, coupe number 50 and convertible number 4, for example, were assembled as Vetta Venturas. But, I'm told that the V.V. operation did not follow any system in assigning vehicle numbers-- one car was assigned a serial number which recorded its first owner's date of birth!
On Apollos, Reisner's body number was stamped on some components. Bumpers, for example, were hand fitted to each body, stamped with the body number for identification, then sent out for chroming. So, whatever number the U.S. assembler put on the car, the body number can usually be obtained from the body itself. I suspect that similarities show up on Griffith 600-Omega-Torino, though possibly changed for Italia.
Owners- of Torino-Italias will be pleased to known that there is now a manual on their cars since the originals are long out of print. The new manual contains the pertinent data from the original owner's Manual and Service Manual.
There is also a section which explains serial number decoding and gives production figures. But, besides all that information, there is a section on parts interchange. Anyone who has tried to find reference to a part in one of the past newsletters will appreciate having this material in a form that can be quickly checked, It is divided into the following sections: Engine & Drivetrain, Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Body & Frame, and Electrical & Accessories. For completeness, the Omega parts are included.
Price is only $6.95 plus $1.00 postage and handling. Make your check payable to: Intermeccanica Owners' Club, Hopewell Farms, Dalton City, Illinois 61925.
Projects are under way to produce two more publications: The Intermeccanica Story and The Intermeccanica Registry. The IM Story will be compiled from the original sportscar magazine articles plus any new information we can get. The IM Registry will contain what information we have about each car, serial number by serial number. It will not be possible without your cooperation. A car information questionnaire will be in the next issue of the newsletter.
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Wheel emblems and headlight covers are under consideration. Contact L. L. Burnett. Hoods are under consideration by Brian Snow.
Through the careful efforts of Ken Hall we now have a limited supply of accurate, high quality reproduction trunk seals. Torino #14 was the test case; the trim was installed professionally using Kantleak Neoprene Adhesive made by Davis, Kraus and Miller, Detroit, Michigan 48226.
The lip of the trim is given one cut to form corners at the bottom and four little snips on each upper corner. These cuts were sealed with black Kent Quick Check. To properly clean the mounting ridge, the lid must be removed. The gasket is $24 for 22 feet from L. Burnett.
IOC Editorial Office
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