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Intermeccanica Owner’s Club Newsletter
# 23 December-January 1981
On a recent ski trip to the Denver area, my brother, Ron, stopped to see Robert Dangel. Robert owns not
one, but two Italia targas.
His first car, #40327414, is a show car that has taken first many times. It also wins in slalom competition against Corvettes or Porsches. After he purchased it from the original owner in Phoenix, it was put through a ground up restoration. Instead of the original metallic bronze, it is now pagen gold with a custom Connolly leather interior. Pirelli CN36's, Bilstein shocks, and suspension modifications make it handle, with a polished & ported SCCA engine with titanium valves for performance.
Recently, he purchased a second targa which is now under restoration. It is #50425414, the last Italia made. In fact, Indra production was interrupted to produce it. Unlike the other targas, it was based on a convertible chassis, making it, the lightest Italia produced - 2400 pounds.
Photo by Ron Rowe
'71 Italia 40327414
'72 Italia 50425414
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Your opportunity to advertise free in the classified, with reasonable rates for display advertising or to enclose your flyer.
Your club for only twelve dollars per year. Send with your name, address, and phone number to: IOC, Hopewell Farms, Dalton City, IL 61925.
"We are a small group with a very rare car. A good car grossly under priced and under rated, especially by the owners. Italias are just as good if not better than Shelby Cobras or Maseratis. I blew off a 930 ’79 Turbo like he was in reverse. The owner followed me for three miles to ask, 'What the hell is that?" R. Raneri White Plains, NY
"It's finally happened! After six years of contact with a few members of the IMO Club someone has finally taken the initiative to contact fellow members." T. Schulte Sioux Falls, SD
It is a pleasure corresponding with each of you personally. But it has been a mammoth task to write all of you. In the month of December I will have written over 300 letters-. Your replys are appreciated. -editor.
"I received the #22, October-November, 1980, Newsletter (excellent) last week and was very disappointed to find my ad not included. I had sent the ad to Mr. Burnett at his New York address. Should I be sending the ad to the Illinois address?" K. Young Green Bay, WI
Sending ads directly to Illinois will avoid possible delays from New York. -Editor.
In one letter a member wanted information about decoding serial numbers. Here is what I know on the subject.
Torinos have a five digit code, using my car as example - 40051. Numbers that begin with 4 are coupes. Those with 5 are convertibles. The 40051 should mean that it was the 51st car produced. However, there exists a car with the number 50051. Meaning that mine was the 102nd? No one has any idea how many cars are doubled up on the serial numbers this way.
Italias have an eight digit code. Using my other car as an example 59242314. The 5 stands for convertible, as before. The 9 is the year of manufacture - 1969. 242 is the unit number (or is that 484?).
For the last three digits I am even more unsure of their meaning. I believe that the 3 means that the car was ordered without factory air despite the fact that it has it. An explanation is that some (or all) cars came with
the A/C in the trunk-to be dealer installed. The unit was taken out of these cars and installed in other cars on the lot. Cars with A/C have a 4.
The last two digits probably refer to the transmission and rear axle. All known numbers end in 14.
(removed list)
Members are welcome to advertise free. Copy subject to editing or refusal. Inquire for display rates.
HEY! How do you expect me to keep printing these great newsletters if you don't send me articles and pictures? It is best if they are clearly written and glossy B&W. Not that I don't appreciate the notes scribbled on the backs of envelopes and the 15c Osco color-prints. SASE necessary for their return ( I love to keep the pictures).
WANTED: Shrewd investor to capitalize manufacture of Italia headlight covers. Also, fiberglass expert to make Italia hoods from existing mould. Contact L. Burnett.
President: L. L. Burnett
                Sea Shell Lane
                Northport, NY 11768
President: Helmut Aulgur
                Carl von Linde Str. 4
                8500 Nurenburg
                W. Germany
Editor: Rob Rowe
Intermeccanica Owners' Club
Hopewell Farms
Dalton City, Illinois 61925
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