Newsletter #19
Summer-Fall, 1978
The Club's funds total $290.30.
This newsletter covers the following topics: New members, automobiles wanted and for sale, ;Darts -wanted and for sale, references, movie review tidbits, windshield shields, lenses, T-shirts, stationery, decals and patches.
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3-24-78 Autoweek brief article on Speedster
Late-nite TV addicts were recently served up "Drive Hard, Drive Fast" - a low-budget bomb with but a single socially redeeming feature: an Apollo coupe. There are lots of shots of the yellow car at speed in Mexico, sometimes accompanied with accurate sounding exhaust sounds. The car is gorgeous and easily up-stages its driver, Henry Silva.
Early suspension control arm bushings are MOOG #K-5162. -F. S. Reiche
I took a single master cyl. and booster to a local brake shop man. To repair the mnaster cylinder, he just took a piston seal of the right diameter from a drawer and stuck it in. He said he was able to repair booster using parts from a Lockheed "Italian Kit". (Frank Cimilluca - early Italia)
Bull for grille can be duplicated if anyone has an original to lend. Let's get something together on this one. (D. DeBano 313-651-7023) .
Speaking of bull emblems, listen to this -
"I had to scale-up an outline of the Intermeccanica Bull and cut it out of a piece of sheet brass. With slow, careful cutting and a jewelers saw it came out very nicely." (V. K. Argent)
FAF Motorcars, 3862 Stephens Court, Tucker GA. 300341 404-939-5464 is a source for all kinds of great things like hood padding, rubber mouldings in numerous shapes and Ferrari parts including Altissimo side marker lenses. Their catalogs make for interesting reading and may contain hints for those ridiculous parts. (brochure from D. Swanson)
289 Motor mounts are 2220 and 2221 (L.B.)
The water control valve for the heater is from an Alfa Romeo, the part numbers on the box are:
nl19alfa.jpg (3208 bytes)(V. K. Argento)
For early cars, we have now heard from a variety of sources that rear springs interchange with Corvair rear, Volvo rear, or Buick special. We now need confirmation on these with model and year particulars. (L. B.)
Beverly Hills Car Cover Co. may have 100% cotton drill, breathable covers, custom made for Intermeccanicas for only $64.95. (E. Janis)
Jeff Runyon reports, "if you are still seeking information about a targa Italia with a one-off body, it's here in Phoenix and is copper colored."
Windshield "Tints", the silver top borders which would have an Italia or an Intermeccanica logo on it maybe available. Ken Edney (714) 581-7260 (Ca.) has a source if sufficient interest existed. An automotive service consultant, also said he would be happy to offer advice to any member who may be having problems with a dealer in the So. Cal. area.
The windshields available in California don't fit. (R. May)
Those by Joe Vos (306 E. 55th, N.Y. , N.Y. 10022, (212) 751-4899 fit
Windshield gaskets are out of production. I will purchase any new one you will part with for $100. Am hoping to hear from anyone who's experimented with trying to make one from two Fiat 600 gaskets. (L.Burnett)
Faf Motorcars (see TIDBITS) may be the place for gaskets.
The Altissimo factory informs us with much regret that no more lenses 300.15.01 and 339.1203 are to be found in their plant (Torino tailight). Altissimo stopped production of these lenses on February 18, 1972. (J. Horowitz)
Fear not, as this was received: (Re: Headlite covers)
"I'm going to assume from your letter that there e are no existing lenses that exist for this car. That means that plugs must be made for the covers. These are usually made from, plaster. If you can provide these, the cost and time involved would be greatly reduced. If you would rather I make these plugs from a car here on the West Coast, it would cost you approximately $200. This is a one time cost but it must be done.
It's not economically feasible to produce just five sets of lenses. Twenty pair should he a minimum. Your cost in that quantity would he around $75.00 per pair. It would include mounting clips, stainless steel fasteners, complete installation instructions and all shipping costs. Once the plugs ware made it would require 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of the lenses. They are fully guaranteed to be flawless and be a perfect fit once trimmed.
Chrome rims can be done, but are very expensive to have reproduced. You -would have to be able to buy 200 sets to cost of'- the tooling down." (Oh well) Contact Lyle Tannee, P.O., Box 9212, Marina Del Ray, CA 90291.
($75.00 is not a bad price for these as originals in the U.S.A. would be close to that.)
Can all be had for a little effort and a lot of help from our friends:
Paul Wren turned us on to fancy stationery from Pluto Art Ink, 101 California, '7203, Santa Monica, CA. 90401. Price is $2.25+.50 handling for a 50 sheet pad approx. 5 1/2" x 9".
Hats off to Terry and Michele Soma who have created the decals included in this newsletter. If you'll send Michele your favorite 100% cotton T-shirt, she'll hand paint a neat design thereon:
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