Newsletter #16                                                                 L.L. Burnett
INTERMECCANICA OWNER'S CLUB                                R.D. 3
SPRING 1977                                                                   Huntington, NY 11743
Greetings, Intermeccanica enthusiasts. I would like to take this introductory space to recognize the person responsible for our club's existence. Burny Burnett, single handedly at first, took on the task of creating 'he organization that benefits all Intermeccanica owners and enthusiasts. He has been an early pioneer and leader in restoration with his Torino #14. Through many phone calls, letters, and meetings he has become the major source of valuable information about our automobiles, and has fully documented his and our experiences. Through Burnie's efforts, we have been alerted to possible safety hazards and we have received the information needed to improve the condition of cur automobiles, resulting in more value in our garages. Good investments indeed! We owe Burny a hearty THANK YOU.
Our club funds total $145.60 as of May 15.
This newsletter covers the following topics: new members, parts wan-'led, factory news, Omega news, front springs and rear suspension bushings, brake information, headliners, Major Safety Item, pocket size specification sheets,, SCCSA mention, parts that fit, and a piece from Escapade. Out of date, cars for-sale list appeared in bulletin #6 which was mailed to members east of the Mississippi. Any interested western member can contact us for a copy.
(removed list)
Desperate need for windshield rubber for 1970 Italia convertible. Also front and rear bumpers for same. (Alex Renard)
Sorely in need of a rear bumper for 1969 Italia convertible. Also a set of axle/framebushing s, entire torque rod (16.5" center to center) with good bushings, or dimension/X-reference for bushings. (M. C. Weiler)
Steering column switch assy. for early Italia. (J. R. Von Grier) These are black crinkle finish with all metal covers - later cars are plastic with all plastic levers. Both are Fiat 600 according to Mr. Vos. (Mr. Burnett) Rear Bumper (D. DeBano)
Grille, rocker chrome for 1970 Italia. Also letters spelling "ITALIA". (W. Pogue)
"Had a letter from A. E. Baumgartner, vice president of Automobile Intermeccanica, 2431 South Anne St. Santa Ana California 92704 (714) 556-1011. The company produces the Speedster, a replica of the 57 Porsche, and supplies either a kit sans running gear or as a complete car. Club members will be offered a special allowance in purchasing.
"I have suggested that the factory might be of great assistance in fabricating difficult parts like, say, rear bumpers.
"The club is lucky to have contact with a concern factory. Lets hope for a long and prosperous life for this exciting venture."
Since writing this letter, Mr. Burnett has visited Automobile Intermeccanica and is enthusiastic for the venture. While there, he spoke with Frank Reisner. Newsletter #17 will contain tidbits of information picked from Mr. Reisner's brain.
Mr. Larry 0. Jenkins of North Carolina writes, "I am the one who helped build the Omega cars, I was very impressed to hear about your club." Mr. Jenkins goes on to say that he has- a completely original Omega, an Italia convertible being restored, an Italia coupe for parts and his company, Jenkins and Jenkins Automobile Engineering Co. Inc. in Charlotte, is in the process of restoring an Omega.
Mr. Jenkins will be a helpful resource for Omega information. He writes "...I am not sure if I have the information your club is looking for, as you know things get misplaced. If you could be a little more specific as to the exact information you need and are looking for, I will be glad to help if I can," (L. Burnett)
Alfa 2600 part #102002530500 will (probably) fit all cars after Omega (J. Vos) report results, lets clear this up.
We've had several spring rates reported by those having late Italia springs fabricated. One spring maker told me that just adding air conditioning means a 200 lb/inch change. So it seems we'd have to check too many cars to fill all the data categories Early Suspension 289,302 -with and without A/C.Late suspension 302, 351 with and without A/C. For now, have springs made and report data so others can know.
Early cars with single, separate master cylinder - the servo unit is Girling MK2A Cold #64049126, new #64049460) (list $190). Repair kit is SP2228 ($24). Interchange is with Alfa 2600, Aston-Martin DB5,
Lotus Elan, etc., etc.
When the piston seal goes on this one, the vacuum remaining after motor shut-off can empty the master cylinder into the booster unit. Surprised owner has no brakes upon next use. Any scoring of the cylinder while installing SP2228 permits condition to repeat. Owner then must replace unit ($100.00 +). (L. Burnett)
Larry Ownes writes to Mr. Burnett (who has the pattern mentioned and will loan it to members), "With so much mystique surrounding Italia headliners and how to keep them up, someone is eventually going to try to replace one.
Hence enclosed please find a pattern for the Italia headliner it's yours, I made one for myself too. Use a close-knit upholstery fabric (I used a velour with a close-knit upholstery backing) and apply the new Weldwood contact cement (Plus 10) to both the metal roof and the back of the fabric. Allow to dry for 1 hour (or until glue is relatively dry to the touch). Start the bond at the back of the cabin- along the rear window, and after the rear edge is bonded, move forward along the center line, -working the bonding to the sides of the cabin and forward. (L arry ovens)
Upon investigating a new source of noise, member S. Porter discovered that a rear upper coil spring retainer had detached itself from the frame. This problem was mentioned in several previous newsletters. The cause of this problem is that the spring retainer is welded to the rectangular shaped, tubular frame whose walls are not sufficiently thick to prevent vibration fatigue. Hair line cracks develop in the frame wall which are undetectible unless all rust/undercoating is removed and the area in question sanded. These cracks propogate until failure. Mr. Porter's car had a large hole in the frame where the retainer had previously been located. Although the opposite side spring retainer looked firmly attached to the car, sanding revealed four or five cracks, one about 4" in length. The junction of the frame and body in this area can also be damaged.
Mr. Porter sought the help of Jim McLury, the local high schools machining/auto mechanics instructor and an excellent welder. After the area was pre-oared and cleaned, steel plates were welded to the frame, reinforcing steel plate triangles were fitted in stress bearing areas (to reinforce the upper spring retainer joint with the frame) and to compensate for the thin body, steel was fiber glassed to the body underside which could then be reattached to the frame.
All owners of Italias with late model suspensions should take their sanders and investigate this area without undue delay.
nl16crack.jpg (9104 bytes)
Apollo owner Harold Craige mentions that he is experimenting with miniature photo spec. sheets which will be "nice hard pocket-sized information cards."
The following parts fit a late Italia (351):
Wheel studs 1/2" X 20 right hand drive.
Alternator Ford D20F10300-DB, 15 volts at 42 amp.
Horn - Stebel Baby Star (2 req'd)
Horn relay - Cobo teler 18-033-00
Switches - 4 way flasher - Lucas 35758
Instrument Light - Lucas 34812
Courtesy Light - Lucas 35758
Brake reservoir - Girling 64475963
Propeller shaft - Ford C9ZW4062-E shortened to 23.6 inches
Brake reservoir cap - Girling 64477756
Steering wheel - Momo M20340
Windshield wipers - Wheel box - Lucas 72778
Motor assembly - Lucas 54071737
Also a few substitutes that work well:
Backup light switch - Jaguar XJ6 3/8" X 24 shaft with washers to center in oversize hole.
Self taping screws for dash - replace with #7 hex drive to ease installation and removal.
Exhaust rubber mounts (4 req'd.)  
nl16rubber.jpg (9830 bytes)
The following parts fit J. R. Von Geier's Torino #30:
Tailight lenses (with yellow turn light section) are Renault R8, left 8550-925, right 8550-926 available in Canada for $C 25. Rubber seal and screws are extra.
Shocks - Gabriel #45433, 61 - 63 Corvette - and they work!
(Front and/or rear was not specified, but I venture a guess that these fit the rear. Gabriel 45257 fit the front of an early Italia but, for adjustable "Striders" installation, coil spring must be removed or access hole on top of frame shock tower must be increased. approx. l/4" in diameter. - D. DaCosta)
bulletin #6 invites members to attend a get together at the SCCSA annual meeting in Rockville, MD. Early indications point toward a good turnout by club members. Although this newsletter will be received after the meeting, a full report will appear in newsletter #17
Knights Auto Body, Laven Point and Garfield Ave, Jersey City, NJ is a recommended shop. (Lou Ricardi)
Newsletter #17 will contain a piece by Jack Triplett on the Apollo.
The New Hope Auto Show in New Hope, PA, scheduled for August 13 and 14, may be a good event for our next get together. Intermeccanica cars appear to fit the Italian Sports Car Category (with Ferrari, et al) but we will verify this with the officials. Further news shall appear in a forthcoming bulletin.
The following is an excerpt from an article in Escapade entitled "Griffith Builds His Dream Machine." (by Eric Nielssen)
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