Newsletter #14                                                                     L.L.Burnett
INTERMECCANICA OWNER'S CLUB                                     R.D.3
Summer 1976                                                                     Huntington, NY 11743
The club treasury holds $196.00 following expenses and the addition of 9 new members:
(list removed)
(list removed)
Gas Tanks and Senders
N. Campbell confirms that 69 Camaro tank works well. Weld Italia sender to pick-up and do without warning--lite(late model). Note that late senders have slip-on terminals (early type is of different construction and has two screw cap terminals) and that resistance ranges from 300 ohms down to approximately 10 ohms. D. Hamelink used a 70 G.M. tank that was a close fit. A circular plate of metal was cut from plate stock (with O.D. to fit tank float hole and I. D. to fit sender) brazed to tank and tapped with holes to fit sender. He made a gasket and put rubber washers on the bolts.
Ball Joints
S + V has got 'em - call Joe Vos person-to-person
Apollo Goodies
New member Jack Castor has sent in lots of useful info and the whereabouts of ]-.'I cars, historical and technical data, number of cars made, colors used, bibliographic references, and a description of his 1972 visit to the factory. Some of this will be passed on to Bill Stamm our literature man.
Intermeccanica Movies
Movie buffs will have noted the Apollo coupes that appeared in Walt Disney's "Love Bug" film.
You may also find a few redeeming scenes in the otherwise undistinguished T.V. movie "'Escape" wherin star Christopher George tools around in an Italia. Sample dialogue:
Hero-"......and I got separated from my car."
Sidekick- "I told you it would never last."
Safety Tip
Some cars have a brake line Linder the floor mat. If your mat gets wet the line (and floor) rusts, and you or your heirs may end up with a parts car. Better check it out!
Headlight Covers
A few cars were fitted with these from the factory, viz. Sonny Bono's Omega, now owned by Lex Findley. Peter Shapiro is attempting to construct some. I seem to recall Larry Simon saying he had a source and Dan Taylor mentioned Jaguar covers. I'd be willing to bet that some mid 6O's Ferrari (maybe the GTC-4 cam which looks close body-wise) had some that would do.
Front Springs (Late model with 351 and A/C)
A non-clubmember reports that he had excellent springs made by Mr. Tinney at Atlantic Spring and Manuf. Co. 3380 Tulip Phila. 19134 (215) 743-2000 at reasonable cost. Chas. Wolf says you can contact Profile Racing in Flemington N. J. for springs.
Speedometer cable (Late model)
Ford C7Z217260J
Engine Mounts (Late model 351)
Ford C3AZ6038G (H is left)
Drive Shaft (Late Model 4 speed)
Ford C9ZW4602-E shorten to fit. L. Burnett has a new one available
Transmission Support (Late Model 4 speed)
Ford C5ZZ-6068A
Wheel Bearings (Late Model)
Ford COAZ 7526-A Front
C9Z W4009-E Rear axle
Upper Control Arm Front (Late Model)
Fiat 4099151 (Right front) (Fiat 1800) Bushing Fiat 4045093 Purchased with assistance of Tony Vidoro at the Camden N.J. Fiat warehouse.
Wire Wheels and Wheel Offset
Charles Wolf is getting into this subject and may be able to advise others on his '70 Italia conv. with 351 he notes that its 3" from lug plate to outer edge of rim. He's using a wheel with 4" back offset. most wheels are 3.5" and the rim sticks out.
Ford Small Block Engine Rebuild
The May issue of "Hot Rod" has a great write up on the 289/302 engine by Jack Roush. Highly recommended, it includes such tips as fitting the 11 inch clutch on all engines with a 6 bolt bellhousing and using 351W heads. 300 H.P. with less than 9:1 compression ratio should be just about right.
Used Parts
Wrecks being dismantled currently by S. Olson, B. Rapasarda, T. Somma, L. Burnett.
L.L. Burnett
R.D. 3
Huntington, New York
Dear Burnie,
We have some recommendations for Italia owners:
Italia 351-C Engine: Fram PH-350R Purolator Per-17 Oil Filter' for a better fit.
  Fram CAI-14 Air Filter
  Fram 156 PCV
All ltalias:    Stant S071 0il Filler Cap
          Stant SP17 High Pressure Radiator Cap
Engine Ground Strap (Block. to Frame)-Because of rubber motor mounts engine will ground through clutch linkage. Available from Ford.
Late Italia ignition keys can be made from Dominion NE23 Blank- and Trunk and Door keys from Taylor 167A or H726(cut shoulder bock.)
Remove carpet on passenqer side and cut hole that can be filled with rubber stopper or plate to facilitate filling with transmission oil.
Use 140W Racing Gear Oil for smoother shifting.
You might relate this story to other club members:
While rebuilding the door panels I found the factory door handles held in place by the top of a coffee can and five screws all of" different sizes.
I will repair Door Panels, Shifter Boots, etc. for Pumpkin color interiors of late model Italias. Days 212-363-5908 Nights and Weekends 516-378-7503
Those keys mentioned above can be gotten at Bellmore Lock and Key Works 2700 Wilson Ave.., Bellmore., N.Y. 516-SU5-3442
The following is an explanation of how to put in a new clutch without taking out the engine.
(removed instructions, let me know if you need them)

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