Intermeccanica Owners' Club                                 L. L. Burnett
Newsletter #11                                                     R. D. 3
October 1975                                                       Huntington, N.Y. 11743
We have nine new members since August, expenses of $87.50 and a cash balance of $179.84 prior to duplication of this Newsletter. In addition to Dr.Rapisarda and Mr.Schulte (both of whom are engaged in extensive restoration projects) we welcome:
(removed list)
I want to thank those who have sent in details on their cars, offered brochures, mentioned the existence of magazine articles, and let me have pictures showing their cars in various states of restoration. It's obvious that interest and enthusiasm is an infectuous hazard of ownership. If my response has been late or lacking in follow-through, please try to overlook this and keep communicating until everything gets done. Good intentions still surpass accurate recordkeeping and memory. For example, I'm not sure what's happening with windshields -- names and addresses have been given to Mr.Vos. Some owners of late Italias need front
springs -- the only solution I know is to have a batch custom-made and provide them to others to recover costs. Someone told me of a fellow with a mold for fiberglass hoods -- and I lost the note! I've lost track of the xeroxed Italia owners' manual. Can anyone provide? (I do have copies of Torino).   If everyone who has parts information (additions, corrections, model application, and sources) that has not been made clear in the newsletters will send it in, perhaps letter #12 can present everything we know in a single section.  If Jack Triplett sends his compilation of Apollo-Vetta so much the better.
Newsletter #12 may also incude a bibliography of over a dozen articles on Intermeccanica cars. If you know of obscure literature - like the December 1970 Italia road test in Auto Motor and Sport" which I'm having translated (best phrase so far, regarding interior trim, "Don't look into the corners") -- please inform me or send. Incidentally, the history article in Automobile Quarterly,Vol.9, No.3, is item K002iY at $8.00 (total) from Classic Motorbooks, 3106 W. Lake, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55416. Does anyone know exactly what's in A.Q., Vol.5, No.4, pp.408-9, re Apollo?
The brochure collection is filling out gradually. Have American Italia and German Indra brochures to trade. Looking for Apollo, Vetta, Griffith 600 and Imp.
Making a '69 Fiat 124 bumper into a rear bumper requires major modification (T. Schulte). The '63-66 Karman Ghia V.W. rear bumper looks like it might be modified to work, as does the Volvo P1800 (L. Burnett). The center section on Bob Gambuzza's Omega is from a '67 Camaro front (Bob's correct address: 47 Alexander avenue, Farmingdale, Long Island, New York).
Rear suspension (correction)
The problem mentioned in Newsletter #10 is at the junction of the coil spring support with the frame.
Window Scum
Treat it with "ARMOR ALL' once a month. A guaranteed solution (T. Schulte).
Body Restoration Tips
Use epoxy rather than polyester resin if you're using fiberglass. If the paint is stripped completely use DuPont PREPARAKOTE on bare metal only, even if paint is to be lacquer (B. Sloame).
Put lots of drain holes in hood, trunk deck, lower valence, rocker panels, battery pan, etc., so water can get out -- but, more importantly, so air can get in (L. Burnett).
There are many alternatives, it seems. I've heard of ANSA Datsun 240Z mufflers, Abarth Jaguar resonators, Mustang high performance, MZGB, etc.
Air Conditioning
Can anyone send Terry Schulte photos which show controls and vents. Maybe someone in Florida where add-ons are an art?
Windshield Wiper Marks and Scratches
Someone should check out the NOVUS METHOD. Contact Buddy Rich Dist.Co., 115 Old Short Hills Road, West Orange, New Jersey 07052 -- phone 201-731-3200.
Let us know the cost and details. Maybe the repair kit could be passed on from owner to owner.
Parts for Sale
3 Weber set up complete for any Jaguar 6 cyl., includes linkage, manifold, air cleaners, retails $800+ price $400 including shipping. T. Schulte
For Apollo - Top, rear body, gas tank, rear end, 2 damaged doors and damaged RF fender, etc. Monte Carlo Auto Parts, 7819 E. Compton Blvd., Paramount, California 90723
For Italia - 5 Cromodora wheels, excellent trunk and interior carpet, spare cover, tonneau, console leather, 2 seats, Right good Left fair, all in black. Best offer - N.W.Lancione
Parts Needed
Steve Olson's wreck is still tied up in insurance red tape, but let him know your needs.
Some parts from L. Burnett's coupe wreck remain available (but not the top section which is to be made into a removable hard top).
Several owners are requesting bull emblems for grill. I have a good one that could be copied. Does anyone have contacts that would help us make up aa batch? Mr. Haritos can probably help those who need grills.
Mr. Hamelink needs late model front coil springs.
Mr. Schulte needs a rear bumper and chrome body parts.
Cars for Sale
********** See October car and Driver want ad **********
'71 Italia Conv. A/C, AM/FM/Stereo Tape 351 Ford 4,300 miles. like new. B. Schnurr
'70 Italia Coupe. Red 8,000 miles $6500. (New Jersey)
'70 Italia Conv. Yellow 351 Ford, 4 speed, Pirellis. AM/FM/Tape, A/C, rack, tonneau, 43,000 miles $4500. D. Gordon
'69 Italia Conv. Red 57,000 miles Butler Chevrolet, New London, Conn.
'69 Italia Conv. Red 26,000 miles $4,000 Ph. 609-871-5573 after 4.
'69 Italia Conv. Blue 289 HP Ford, Pirelli CH36 driving lites, driver's Ricaro seat. J. Burnett
'67 Omega #1 Red, no A/C. Colonial Lincoln-Mercury, Atlanta, Ga. Ask for Phile White. $7900.
'67 Torino Coupe. 4 speed, HP Ford. $7500. L. Gephart, Classic Cars, 340 N. Main, Englewood, Ohio 45322 Ph. 513-836-1407
Cars Wanted
Bill Stamm (Griffith 600 or Omega only)
Charles Wolff (See page 1 for addresses))
Dough Thatcher (Convertible preferred)
For a brief period last September John Kendrick was thinking of selling his '69 Italia for only $9500. Luckily reason prevailed and he discovered he couldn't duplicate it at anywhere near that figure. He sent a write-up and photos of the car and it is the best restoration I've seen. Space permits only 2 examples of his thinking.
Lower Control Arm Strut (Late Italia only -- see diagram)
nl11lca.jpg (77058 bytes)
Ball Joints - Conversion to TRW joints, Omega through Italia To remove the old upper ball joint the four tack welds must be cut (I used a high speed cutting wheel).After the welds are cut, the ball joint can be unscrewed and Part No. 10164 screwed in. Reweld, use heliarc or electric - 4 places 1/2 long.  The lower ball joint modification will require a machine shop with a vertical mill. First remove the lower control arm, resting the ball joint end on the open jaws of a big vise you can drive the inside of the old ball joint out of its socket. You now clamp the control arm in the mill and open up the hole (left by removal of the ball) until it is .015 smaller than the outside diameter of the TRW ball joint Part No. 10163.  With a soft flame, heat the ball joint end of the control arm and you will be able to drop in the TRW ball joint, tack weld in four places about 1/2 long, install rubber boots supplied with ball joints, and reassemble. I might add that now when the front suspension is out of the car is a good time to do Matt Wolff's Brass Bushing Mod to the lower control arm.  
P.S. Since writing the letter of August 29th, I've made another change in the front suspension that, again, is a terrific improvement. I am enclosing a self-explanatory drawing. Thought you might like to pass this
along to other member. If I can furnish any further information or answer any questions please feel free to contact me. J. C. Kendrick
Hood Hinge Modification (F.S. Reiche)
nl11hinge.jpg (15067 bytes)
(Two separate units) (one 1/2" I.D. pipe on two 1/2" O.D. pins)
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