Intermeccanica Owners' Club                         L. L. Burnett
Newsletter #9                                                     R. D. 3
June 1975                                                          Huntington, N.Y. 11743
Expenses of $47.50, three renewals and six new 1975 members leave a Club balance of $69.67
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Rumor has it that the factory has ceased production and that Mr. Reisner is in California looking for a way to continue making cars.
Our #2 get-together was blessed with just about the warmest May 24th on record. Members from five States, including Florida, spent a pleasant and useful afternoon. I was taken with the finish of Jeff Burnett's convertible, the burled walnut dash panels on Gustav Pederson's Italia, and the excellent portfolio of snapshots brought by Jeff Hale. Several new items of information were mentioned and the existence of more was revealed.
Fuse Box Cover
Original unknown. Fire wall-mounted box will accept Triumph Stag cover.
Trailing Arm
All owners should inspect the junctions of the rear suspension trailing arm with the frame. Two owners report failure upon hitting deep, sharp-edged pavement holes. Repair requires some creativity as clearances are small. On older cars you might try welding on a reenforcing plate -- taking care not to burn the interior trim close by. Some owners have revised the whole set-up, relocating suspension members. I can't recommend this.
Engine Numbers
Previous data on Ford engine numbers is incomplete. There are no external stamped numbers to identify engines. There may be a tag under the coil and on the intake manifold bolts which gives the cubic inches in up-er left hand corner and year of production just below. If the tag is missing, remove either valve cover and the CID is found at the center of the head. The same figure also appears under the intake manifold below the valle. 351 engines have either C or W after the 351 figure. All external stampings tell only date built, factory and serial number. (J. Hale)
Body Lettering
Unlettered cars attract lots of questioners asking "what is it?". Omega can be made Volkwagen, Italia from Continental. Original factory letters are Italian gravestone letters! The letters are placed about 3.5 inches apart. On the trunk it's 4.5 inches from bottom of letter to trunk rear edge and about 11 inches from first and last letter to side edge of trunk. Some Omega owners have mentioned Old's Omega, the watch company, a trailer manufacturer, and a boat name. For Torino, see the Ford Motor Company - Mark IV Lincoln. Apollo, see Buick.
Ball Joints (once again)
New member Charles Flagg's Torino has Chevy ball joints. Now if we can find out how to do it……
I have contact an ex-owner working for Alitalia Airlines who might be willing to secure Fiat parts not available in the U.S. Will check this out on ball joints first.
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For Sale
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Parts Wanted
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Parts Available
From a variety of sources, and in response to specific member request I have purchased some difficult parts and have learned of the existence of others.
The following is an almost complete list (in no particular order):
1. Driveshaft (new)
2. Grill, early type, damaged, may be fixed or broken up to provide peices
3. Chrome molding for above grill, slight damage but useable
4, RF Disc brake unit, used, #E 64236-816
5. Ditto #4, L front
6. Rear suspension locating bar (upper, I think) 13.5" center to center, rectangular cross section, new
7. Right inner door handle, early style, used
8. Left inner door handle, early style, used
9. 2 window cranks, early style, used
10. Rubber clutch-shaft boot, new
11. Late model front frame and suspension, single lower arm type, used, no springs, one upper arm damaged
12. Probably repairable gas tank
13. Less probably repairable gas tank
14. Complete headlight assembly including fender inner housing, used
15. 2 headlight rims with sealed beam rims, used
16. Tubular hood holder upper, used, early type, strong
17. Autolite 4-barrel carb, reb uilt looks like 289 Ford carb
18. Left and right front bumpers, flat end, early type, repairable
19. Ditto 18, right only, '68 Torino
20. Trunk deck, dent and rust easily repairable
21. Front spindle, new
22. Mallory distributor model YL Type 519C, (mechanical tach) used, complete
23. Gas tank, sending unit, new
24. Ditto 23, used, needs float
25. Interior rear view mirror, early type, fits at top of windshield, day-night, used
26. Lower ball joint, new
27. Master cylinder, new
28. Outside R door button, used
29. Ignition switch, Sipea, INT 15/54 new, with 2 keys
30. L. interior door handle late type, new
31. Ditto 30, right (may be identical)
32. 2 license plate lights, used, may need springs, early, round cap with glass inserts
33. 2 front wheel bearing assemblies, inner and outer bearings, retainers, dust covers, used
34. Complete interior upholstery and seats, no console, in black from '67 Coupe, should go as a unit
35. Rubber bumper for rear corner of hood, new
36. Small mu—fler 10-1/2" x 3-1/4" with 1-1/8" opening
37. Rubber steering shaft joint, Triumph, new
38. 4 A-arm busings, early, Harris 62099, new
39. 2 parking light lenses, white, one new, one used
40. Left early vent window frame, handle, etc., used
41. Wiper switch, used early, #34809A
42. 2 complete sets early Jaeger instruments, used
43. 2 hood hinge pins, used
The 'early type' means I think it fits '66-68 Omega, Torino-Italia series; late type means Italia '69-73. Application can't be assured, but money will be refunded. Each part will be sold for the highest offer. It's expected that prices around 40-50% of new prices should obtain on used parts. Unfortunately, I don't know most prices at S&V Proceeds will first defray acquisition expense and then may be employed as an inducement to S&V to try to secure difficult factory parts.
I have purchased what is probably the only available replacement windshield.  It will not be provided to anyone until we've located a concern (East-coast preferably) willing to duplicate it. Any leads will be appreciated. An alternative might be to ship a damaged one to California for duplication. Anyone in position to promote this option should contact me. If you need, or are about to need a windshield write immediately and we'll see if a good price can be bargained for with an order for several.
Sorry this newsletter is late, but getting the parts lists together and dealing with new membership inquiries, some referred by Mr.Vos, have gobbled up time.
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