NEWSLETTER #4                                                                   L. Burnett
INTERMECANICCA OWNER'S CLUB                                            R.D.3 Huntington, N.Y. 11743
The cash balance of $61.50 (augmented by two new members) has been reduced to $20.00 by expenses of $41.50. In keeping with general trends in the national economy, stringent cost reductions will be initiated -- with particular attention to the phone bill.
However, a recent phone call to a Mr.Joe Vos of S&V Imports(correct address 306 E. 55th, N.Y., N.Y. 10022) to pass on the name of a gentleman interested in purchasing a new car yielded some interesting information. Apparently the relationship of the factory with General Motors of Germany has weakened to the extent that Chevrolet engines in the Indra may have to be replaced by Ford engines. Approximately 200 Indras have been sold in Europe, primarily in Germany. Two new cars are in the U.S., with list price at $17,900. Display and sale is at Rallye Motors, 666 Rt.17, Paramus, New Jersey. Delay in U.S. imports occurred while an exemption from some crash-worthiness specifications was secured. Mr.Vos stated that his list of car owners might now be made available to the Club.
The first get-together is scheduled for 6pm Saturday, September 21st at Lovallo's Huntington Restaurant, 402 New York Avenue, Huntington, Long Island,
New York. The restaurant is two blocks north of the junction of Routes 25A (Main Street) and 110 (New York Avenue). My home is fifteen minutes away and we can meet there both before and after supper (516-549-4422). Motels are nearby on Route 25.  Those who remain in Huntington on the 22nd can attend a good Antique and Classic Auto Show in the town park (Heckscher).
Mr.Charles Schwendler of S&V Imports has agreed to meet with us if possible.
Those who can plan to come,on such short notice,should drop me a post-card to assist planning.
But anyway - come!
Ball Joints
Correspondence with Mr. Craig Reed who works at the Fiat parts warehouse in New Jersey has led to new, and probably more accurate information. The joints are Fiat 1800. The upper one is supplied only with the "A" frame; right #4021225, left #4021224. The lower joints, sold separate, are right #4015903, left #4015902. If anyone encounters difficulty (or new information) is securing these parts through a Fiat dealer, please let me know.
NOTE: This information differs from that given in Newsletter #2 (L. Burnett)
Late Italias, and possibly earlier cars as well, have ignition and trunk keys from Peugeot blanks. The trunk key can also be duplicated on a 1950 Ford trunk key blank (Dr. Hash)
Tourneau Cover
The cover made by some firms for the Daimler roadster will fit all convert ibles, You need on place female snaps in the dash. (Dr. Hash)
Parts Needed
(removed list)
Parts Available
(removed list)
A high gloss, durable finish - Dupont "Imron" polyurethane enamel. $30/gal.
Also "Imron" clear coat for deeper gloss (Mr. Olson)

(removed list)

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