Intermeccanica Owners' Club                          L.L. Burnett
Newsletter #27                                                  R. D. 3, Huntington, N.Y. 11743
December 1983                                                  (516)423-1619
We've been a year in producing a newsletter and our apologies go to all those who have continued membership support in the face of our seeming nonfeasance.  Erstwhile editor, John Sita ran into existential difficulties which kept him from publishing quarterly, as he had planned.The high quality of his work is apparent and thanks go to him for his efforts. 
Another focus of frustration is the knowledge that several exciting bits of new information concerning how to modify or replace parts that we know must eventually fail in all cars have been developed, but have not been documented and made available for publication so all can benefit. Teflon bushings, spring-shock units, spoilers, wide rims and tires, substitute shocks (some of which set ride height), unique parts sources, etc.,have been developed by our enterprising and increasingly sophisticated membership. So please, if you and your mechanic know something that hasn't been put in the newsletter .......
For my part, I've worked hard by phone and letter to keep things humming and information flowing. Also, the Club's funds (and some of my own) are invested in the molds, frame, and directions for the imminent production of headlight covers.  These will be available in Spring 1984. If you want a set, I'm compiling a list of members to whom they'll be offered in the order in which interest is expressed.  Anyone wishing to edit the newsletter should contact me as soon as possible.
Tid Bits - - -
Sebring mirror - Re Newsletter #26, page 5; the correct phone number is now 800-321-9592. One member reports this mirror which in various sizes is correct for Griffith through Italia, may be available cheaper at J.C. Whitney in Chicago. The small unit is correct for Griffith and Omega.
The Reisners - Mail has been returned from their Laguna Beach address and I have heard they are living in Canada (making Speedsters?).
Electric Window Mechanism Gear - The plastic gear (Pantera or Citroen #5-441498) which eventually wears out can be replaced with a metal one which works well (Larry Owens). Available from "Panteras by Wilkerson", 10045 Artesia Blvd, Bellflower, California ... (213)804-4321 ...
Jaguar-Italia Rear End Conversion - The rumored Jag rear in New England has surfaced in the hands of new member Steve Paglucca of Dedham, Mass. He's restoring the car carefully and has promised us details and maybe photos for the Newsletter!
Italia Gas Cap - Locking
Edelmann and Company #36784E (Steve Wellman)
Teflon Bushings - Denis Nazzicone of Toronto is fitting Torino #32 with Teflon A-arm bushings. We hope he'll have a batch made to supply others if they work well.Steve Wellman, a California member, is having a suspension perfectionist fabricate Teflon rear bushings for his late Italia. The rear axle is being moved 1/2" to the left in location.(He purchased the car from its first owner who bought it in Holland, where it was a demonstrator). It has been rumored that PVC pipe nipples can be employed instead of Fiat upper A-arm bushings on late Italias.
Get-Together News - West Coast members wishing to have a get-together should contact Mr. Wellman who offers to host. A look at his car might be a fine of interest for such a gathering.  East Coasters had a delightful gathering at the '83 S.C.C.S.A. annual show in Maryland. With perfect weather, Ron Amspacher, Jim Shoemaker, Syd Porter, Jack Triplett and I greatly enjoyed seeing the nicely restored Italia of Herbert Guidice. Bodywork was performed by a top craftsman from Bangkok who now lives in Virginia. As usual, the crowd was quite taken with the Italia. (Mr.Guidice is a broker of exotic cars; would-be buyers and sellers -- please note).
Italia Article - The Spring '83 issue (No.40) of the Newsletter of the Shelby American Club contains an article on Intermeccanica. The darker Italia pictured is the No.53 owned by William Swan. He says if anyone wants a copy, call or write to Shelby American Auto Club, 22 Olmstead Road, West Redding, Connecticut 06896 ... 1-203-438-7370.
Heater Valve Diaphragm - Santiago Perez reports that on his very late Italia, No. 412, the heater valve is a Ferrari, dash-controlled valve. He secured one from F.A.F. Motor Cars in Georgia. He confirms that very late tail light lenses are Fiat 124 Sedan and that the rectangular licesnse plate light is also Fiat 124. 
Tie Rod Ends - Santiago says that Fiat Dino tie rod ends (correct for Omega through late Italia) are available from Baylease Racing Inc. (See News-letter #26 for address).
Rustproofing - One member suggest Noveroz, Marina Del Ray, California 90291... (213)823-6033.
Bull Emblems - Dennis DeBano still offers to duplicate Bull emblems for the grill. The company he works for has the equipment and experience to take an existing emblem, if someone will loan one, and make an exact copy in brass,aluminum,or any other material. If it can be duplicated totally by machine,the price should be about $50.00 each. If handwork is involved the price could be higher. He offers to provide them at cost, as a service to the Club.
Late Italia Suspension Replacement - Ed Janis has developed an excellent, if radical solution to the spring-shock replacement problems for late Italias.  His mechanic has adapted racing units to all four corners of his car at approximately $00/corner. The units simply bolt-in. He will assist others in doing the same. (209)823-2866 or 823-3067.
Shock Absorbers - Late Italia - Those unwilling to spring for the above solution may be heartenedto hear that the Club has been offered a one time only opportunity to have Bilstein re-manufacture the correct shocks. These would be made available through Avon/America in Baltimore. One complete set of four is $1000.00. "The main charge would be for re-engineering and if more units would be ordered the price per unit would decrease considerably...All technical specifications are at hand, therefore accuracy is ensured." This would be a pre-paid order.  Any member wishing to become our Shockman should contact John Howard at 800-638- 9048. It should be noted that all Italias will sooner or later need shocks.
Tires - My Torino #14 with factory fitted positraction rear out-drags motorcycles but will not exceed 120 MPH.   My research discovered that the 185-14 Pirellis original on the car turn 820 revolutions per mile. The Avon replacements, 20570-14, turn just about the same rpm. I loved the GR70-14 (225-70-14) Siemperets I fitted to my Omega though they were a tad too large and on some cars would require shimming the steering arms to keep them from chirping against the tie rods on jounce.  Therefore, my best thought on this now is that if you want slightly longer legs you should use 21570-14x. Michelin makes some in XWX series (L. Burnett).
Ball Joints - The FRAP replacement ball joints, which work well in Griffith through all but the last few Italias,are available from Jeff Hale. They have also been ordered through Bayless Racking at at first came through with FIAT 1800 suspension arms welded at $67.00 per. Mr.Bayless has reordered using new part numbers provided by his supplier. We should soon know what the score is on these. Bayless welcomes orders on older parts if numbers are provided."Of course,extreme patience is necessary in any special order from Italy!"Amen.(See blow-up p.82 and note lower control arm's possible similarity to late Italia). (L.Burnett,blow-up,Ron Patterson).
Window Seal - Steve Wellman says he'sfound a good replacement for the seal between convertible top and door window and has enough on hand for four cars. On coupes the door and window seal is continuous. Check out F.A.F. for a reproduction seal used on some Ferraris; however, there are several other cars with similar door seal.
INDRA - - Information from D. Arden
The Indras were produced from approximately early 1971 to mid-1974 with 127 cars completed. Breakdown was approximately 60 convertibles; 40 coupes and 27 two plus twos.  The engine power on most were either 327-350 V-8 Chev. engines or straight 6 Opel engines. There are currently six Indras in the United States, five two plus twos and one convertible. Most of the Indras were sold in Germany through Opel Dealers Network. The car was a partial joint venture between Intermeccanica and Opel.  Indras have a large box type frame. bodies were designed by Franco Scaglione of Italy. Most cars have DeDion rear suspension and ZF recrculating ball power steering. They all had four wheel vented disc brakes.  The above is most of the information that I have on all the Indras. My one Indra was especially ordered from the factory, presumably the only big black Ford ever produced. Wheels were special 15X6-1/2 Campagnolo,instead of the 14X6 Cromodoras. Has a custom blue velour interior with full recling seats. Also has full instrumentation including oil temperature guage.
Mr.Baumgartner's Indra did burn, had extensive interior damage. Car was purchased by Bob Sorrell, 9616 Felton Avenue, Inglewood, California 90301 phone 213-677-1402. Mr Sorrell also has an extra body which he purchased from Mr.Blackburn. He is considering restoration of theIndra. Hewould consider selling the pair for around $10,000, as is.
In regard to the overheating problem, my car has an aluminum backed insulation on the fire wall. Same as Ferraris. Since I have redone my cooling system with baffle, instead of thermostat and redoing cooling lines, car does not overheat and only needs fan when going under 40 mph.
FOR SALE *****
1. Griffith #4 Carman J. LaFalce
2. 69 Ītalia Conv. 351 Phil Haris
3. 69 Italia Conv. #238
4. 69 Italia Conv. #302 #205 E.Janis
5. Indra Dale Arden
6. 71 Italia Conv. in California 34K miles 351 TRW front end A/C and factory A/T $13K Contact Steve Wellman
WANTED ********
1. Italia Conv. Ed Coughlin
2. Italia Conv. w/351 Bob Gullen
3. Italia Conv. with A/T Might acept 4-speed Robert Russell
4. Torino or Italia Conv. David LePearle
5. Italia Merle Wolfer
6. Italia Conv. See 'For Sale' C.J.LeFalce
7. Italia Mike Landfield
8. Italia Conv. Matthew G. Page
9. Hardtop for Italia Conv. Steve Wellman
10. Rear brake discs Dennis DeBano
11. Interior door handle surround, door sil plates gauges (72 Italia) Robert Ash
12. Info on Italia flexible brake line replacement Santiago Perez
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