Response to the single Road and Track club notice has been excellent. Details on 29 cars have been compiled and there are 12 paid members at mid-April. Expenses of $68.05 leave a balance in the kitty of $77 prior to duplication of this letter. Member John Wright has send me 10 Xerox copies of the Italia Owners mamual. (It does not contain a wiring diagram so Edward Ueberall's diagram will be sent to all members.) Those wanting an Italia manual should contact me.It is hoped that those receiving one will duplicate it and return the original for distribut- ion to new members. A brief Torino manual is also similarly available (contains small factory wiring diagram).

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Parts Numbers and Interchangeability

Please note that the following data may be inaccurate for your particular car; in fact, there are unquestionably errors which all members should strive to correct. Space is left for additions. Please advise me of necessary changes and new information.

Suspension Note: Griffith-Omega (and Torino?) may differ from Italia

Anti-sway bar busing -- Fiat 1100 (enlarge to 22mm)

Inboard lower arm busing -- Fiat 1100 D (check dimensions carefully)

A-arm bushings - (Omega) Studebaker Hawk Moog K 3004, Hershey G 414 Fiat 4131076 (Fiat 1150?)

(Torino) Fiat 1400? (Italia) Fiat 850 Fiat part 4007973, washers #4179997 use also inner washers part # ?

Ball-joints upper - Fiat 1800

                Right 4015903

                Left 4015902

lower - Right 4080779

                Left 4080778

Torino upper may be Fiat 2300

A-arms - Ford 1956 upper and lower? (early cars?)

Steering arm - Fiat 849064

Tie Rod Ends - Fiat 4109626 (Fiat 1500?)

Triumph TR-1500 inner

Shocks - Front - (Omega) '57 Corvette Gabriel adjustable

set soft, (Italia) 53-62 Corvette Koni #80-1066

or Bilstein B46-466, (Indra) Bilstein B36-467

Rear - (Italia) Koni 84-1417 60-67 Falcon (may have to be revalved), or Bilstein B46-476

(Indra) Bilstein B46-477

Springs -- Rear - Volvo 122S, Moog 4334 (Buick Special cut down)

Rear Control Arm Busing - (Italia) probably Fiat (#83630 is # stamped in the rubber)



Pads Front - Girling 64325750 (Ferrari)Mintex M33

Volvo 1800S, Aston-Martin, Alfa 2600, etc.

Rear Rear - Girling 64325738

Parking - Girling 64932005

Calipers Front - Girling 64032818 - LP19LP-16/3 (Torino), Volvo 122S #16/3 - SP2510/1

Rear - AC Cobra, Fiat 2300 Girling 64032734 - 5YN - 12/3H (Torino) Volvo 122S #12/3 - SP2542

Master Cylinder (double) - Girling Triumph TR5, TR250, TR6.640-688-22 Kit #2490

Pressure Warning Device - Girling Triumph

Brake Hose - Pirelli, Fiat 2300

Discs - Intermeccanica

Booster - Girling IL 427 (Torino) rebuild kit available Lucas, Girling 64049126 (Italia) Kit SP 2228


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