Intermeccanica Owners' Club                                 L. L. Burnett
Newsletter #10                                                    R. D. 3
August 1975                                                       Huntington, N.Y. 11743
The Road and Track notices and some referrals via Mr.Vos have yielded 14 new members and a Club cash balance of $159.17, after expenses of $78.50.  It's heartening to note a significant rise in the value of Intermeccanica cars which parallels or slightly exceed that of automobiles in general. At present there seems to be more people looking for good cars than wishing to sell. Fewer neglected, unrestored cars are in evidence of late. The Club's membership has virtually doubled and many members appear happy to help others improve their cars.  By phoning Mr.Vos (person-to-person is the best way, incidently) I've learned that he plans to visit the factory in the fall -- perhaps to secure those unique factory parts? He says that Mr.Reisner has a small number of completed Indra bodies which he may be trying to secure help in finishing up in the U.S. Also, that the Ford engined car he showed in Los Angeles (thanks for the photos, Mr.Lenz) is probably not yet approved for U.S. sale.  Mr.Vos states he has orders for 10 windshields. I now know of 4 Club members who are in need (Messrs. Reiche, Schurz, Ozolins, Triplett). Mr.Reiche may send his cracked one to Los Angeles and thus become able to supply Club members at reasonaable cost. The only other alternative so far, explored by Mr. DeBano, is to have Libby-Owens-Ford make up a casting frame -- for $1500.  This might be an area, too, where cooperation between S&V and the Club could prove mutually beneficial.
Cars Wanted
(removed list) 
Ball Joints
Alex Ozolins reports that the Fiat Warehouse in Texas still has some 1800-2300 Fiat joints.
Seat Modification
Gordon Willitts is no longer searching for Omega seats. He found that the upholstery is fitted just like seat covers and is easily removed. The frame, of pipe, can simply be extended up by welding. Add a new piece of foam at the bottom, recover, and --- presto, high backs!
Brake Lines
Jeff Burnett reports that the short metal brake line from front hose to caliper was SAE to line and metric to caliper on his early Italia. Anyone else note this? -- or is that one way to use American parts.
Trim Holders
Barry Slome writes that the chrome rings around the inside of the door latch area are also Opel Kadet. On some models it's black plastic.
Wood Dash Panels
Gustav Pederson offers to make you a set of custom panels for $40-45.  Specify type of wood and finish. He needs the original panels or exact templates. Delivery in 90 - 120 days.
Peter Shapiro can provide a kit for those wishing to create embroidered pillows with the Intermeccanica Bull emblem thereon.
Gas Tanks
Peter also has discovered a marine gas tank which is an excellent deimensional match for the original. The Mirax Co's Tapered Lay Flat PTH-18.  Holding 18 gallson, it is just slightly higher, shorter, and narrower. The vent, filler neck, and sending unit (U.S.) is off to the side of the top: $56 in galavanized steel from Shanes (516-431-0399) or other marine suppliers.
Miscellaneous Tidbits
Mr.Vavrek installed j'67 Buick Sportwagon front shocks (sans dustcovers) on his car (which front end Jack?).
Mr.Gambuzza has a slightly pointed center section in the front bumper on Omega #16 (off of what, Bob?).
Mr.Eckhouse of Coventry Motorcar Co., in Arlington, Virginia says he's loaned out a very detailed factory-produced cross-referenced parts list (have requested a Xerox).
Dr Hash says he's heard of a Targa type Italia, a one-off from the factory, which may be in the Southwest.
Your fearless present writer attempted to reglue his Coupe's headliner with a hypodermic syringe and trim cement (not a particularily good idea).
Mr.Benjamin Edelstein's helpful letter details several solutions concerning Apollo GT parts. More on this later.
Parts for Sale
Steve Olson's Torino #9, after a year's restoration has been front-ended.  (Steve is OK and is looking for another car). He will provide parts. Broken are the steering wheel and most parts anterior to the cowl. Contact him directly. 
Bob Gambuzza has the following Italia parts:
1. L + R Italia doors with electric windows, in red, complete, new
2. 2 inside door panels with rests and latches
3. 1 console -- slightly tattered
4. 1 glove box
5. 1 temperature guage
6. 1 dash instrument panel complete except for speedometer and 1 light fixture
7. 2 metal inside air vents
8. 2 hood holder-uppers, new
9. 1 exhaust tip
10. 1 dash top panel
11. 1 front fender side turn light
12. 1 rectangular license plate light
Parts Needed
1. Information on what Lucas back-up light was used on Omega -2 units wanted
2. Information on how to adapt'55 Ford ball joints to Intermeccanica!
3. Information on rubber seal strip for trunk
We have been invited to attend the 3rd annual Griffith Club of America meeting at Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock, Connecticut on August 24th, Sunday. Many GCA members will arrive after 5 pm Saturday when there is no charge.  There will be a regional NARRC race on Saturday ($5.00).  After the race there will be a cookout in the old barn next to the office ($2.75 - 3.75; beer - 60). Saturday night includes a swim and cocktail party; Sunday the meet, and an East - West volleyball game.  I'll see you there.
Wheels for Sale
5 Cromodora wheels -- for best offer by Sept. 25. Contact N.W. Lancione (Does anyone know the ideal amount of offset for his new wire wheels on Italia?)
Cars for Sale
? Apollo, tattered, not very original, $700. M. Eckhouse (Virginia)
68 Torino #50 Conv. M. Tracy (New Jersey)
69 Italia Coupe, Red/Black $4500. (New Jersey)
69 Italia Conv. Yellow/Black A/C Excellent $11,500. P. Shapiro (New York)
70 Italia Conv. Orange J. Jefferies (Illinois) 
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