Intermeccanica Owners' Club                                 L. L. Burnett
bulletin #5                                                                 R. D.3 Huntington,NY 11743
March 18 1976                                                         516-549-4422
Contents Newsletters Volume II
Newsletter #7  - Cars for sale, Radiators, Branke discs, Exhaust System,Heater hose adapter
                #8    - Importer news, Historical Notes - Apollo, Vetta Ventura,Rear brake caliper repair
                #9   - Engine #5, Body letters, cars wanted and for sale,Paarts wanted and available
                #10 - Cars wanted and for sale, Seat modification, Brake lines,Gas tanks, Parts available and needed, Owner Registry
                #11 - Rear Suspension correction, cars wanted and for sale, Parts wanted and for sale, Ball joint conversion, Control arm strut
                #12 - Cars wanted and for sale, Late model front springs,Windshields, new, repairing, Parts update, Literature list, Car valuations
Dues are $12 per calendar year. A package of Newsletters #1-12 is available to new members for $8. Torino wiring diagrams, Torino and Italia Owners Manuals, xeroxed articles, Apollo factory notes, etc., are available.
The recent get-together was well attended and we all agreed that rust-proofing is an important addition which must be conscientiously installed. The Tuff-Kote folks were great! Bill stamm's Omega is next. We had the pleasure of examining Ben Edelstein's Apollo. What a dandy car!  Mr.Vos is sending out new windshields. Buyers should let me know how they're working out.
Spring Rates - Late Model Front End
Ronald Avington reports that his springmaker discovered a rate of 430 lbs/inch. This is so different from the 350 rate which worked for Drew Hamelink that those members wishing to replace front springs had better wait a bit until all is clear. If you can shed light on the subject, please do so.
Vacuum Booster
Page 5, NL12 - Sunbeam Tiger booster suggestion is a probable, not confirmed.
Other Items
Have almost enough new data for a newsletter -- including David DaCosta's report on installing Valiant ball joints and Hawk A-arm bushings in his early Italia. Newsletters will be written by me, typed by Frank Wiggins, xeroxed by Jim Shoemaker and mailed by Steve Olson. How's that for Club spirit! Also, Bill Stamm will handle xeroxing and sending of literature and Steve Olson can reproduce car pictures.
Please note that 1976 dues are due. Newsletter #13 will be a 'Spring Issue'.
'71 Italia Convertible, Yellow, AM/FM/Tape, Cromodoras, new Michelin wide radials 13,000 miles M.Schlafman
'69 Italia Convertible "The finest Italia in the country" - L. Burnett Best offer over $10,000 J.C.Kendrick
'68 Torino Coupe A/C AM/FM 49,000 miles; hit in rear; needs rust and interior work. D.Ongaro
'68 Italia Red 18,000 miles $6000 Thoroughbred Motors, Saugerties, N.Y. 914-246-2856
'67 Omega #21 A/C, AM/FM, no rust; 30,000 miles $9000 or best offer Allen Abbott
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As of April 4, we have seven first-time new members for '76.
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