Intermeccanica Owners' Club                        L. L. Burnett
bulletin #2                                                         R. D. 3, Huntington, N.Y. 11743
January 1975                                                 516-549-4422
Contents Newsletters Volume I
bulleting    #1 - Club Structure, Factory location, history, parts -importers
Newsletter #1 - Car names and production, rust, exhaust parts
                #2 - Wanted and for sale lists, parts #'s, interchangeability
                #3 - For sale list, front end repair, convertible tops
                #4 - Indra notes, get-together, ball joints, keys, owner registry
                #5 - Want and for sale list, rear axel replacement,spring specifications, used parts
                #6 - Windshields, exhaust system, parking brake repair windshield wiper repair
Detailed presentations are underlined.
Xerox copies of Torino and Italia owners' manuals and Torino wiring diagrams are available.
Started in November 1973, the Club has over 25 members and a registry of 50. Current funds total $65.00 (11/74). Membership for 1975 is $12.00 and will secure Newsletters #7-12. First time new members may purchase a package of 1974 Newsletters for $3.00; they are free to Charter members.
Every effort will be made to provide a means by which owners of
Intermecanicca cars assist each other to make maintenance economical and motoring a joy,
A get-together is planned for April -- date, place and time will appear in Newsletter #8. Newsletter #7 will contain detailed presentation of an exhaust system employing Pantara mufflers, and a fix for that annoying leak in your heater.
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