INTERMECCANICA OWNERS' CLUB                     L. L. Burnett
BULLETIN #13                                                     R. D.3 Huntington, New York 11743
JANUARY 1983                                                     (516)423-1619 544-2656 (work)
Newsletter #26 - Photos, Apollo article, classified, technical tidbits, literature update.
Annual membership dues, on a calendar year basis are $12 for current and past members. New Club members' first year dues are $20. All members receive the Club newsletter and free use of its classified section, and other benefits.  Back issues of this Newsletter will be provided to members at $1.00 each.  Non-USA members must remit by money order payable in US dollars. European members should contact European President Bernd Moller, Dimpfelweg 12, D-2000 Hamburg 26, West Germany.
All funds sent to the Club must be payable to L. Burnett, since the Club is not incorporated.  All Club literature, except the sales brochure collection, is in the hands of Bill Stamm, 3320 W. 84th Street, New York, N.Y. 10024 (212)787-5038, who should be contacted for copies.  NOTE: One member has made a standing offer to purchase any Intermeccanica car that is complete and restorable at $5000.00 Several cars at a higher level are currently being sought by other members.
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