First bulletin  January 1974

The reason for forming an owners' club are too obvious to need mention. Prior efforts have apparently failed. I intend to expend whatever time and money required for two years. If a viable association cannot be formed, I shall sell Omega #9 and buy a Pantera! It may be that purchasers of Intermeccanica cars are such independent individualists that sufficient support cannot be sustained. I do know that the list of owners compiled by the importers has not been made available. Perhaps this attitude will mellow when the existence of a strong owners groups makes it obvious that the prosperity of all concerned will be enhanced by a spirit of good-will and mutual inter-dependence.

Since some new owners have stated that they don't know where to secure parts, we should state the basics:

The history of Intermeccanica is presented in Automobile Quarterly, Volume 9,#3, Spring 1971, curretly available at $6.20 from Autobooks, 2900 West Magnolia, Burbank, California,91503.

Those wishing to contact the factory should address: Mr. Frank Reisner, Intermeccanica Automobili, Via Leonardo DaVinci, 12, 10028, Trofarello, Torino, Italy. Those visiting the factory, located on the outskirts of town, will find Mr.and Mrs.Reisner most gracious and hospitable despite the press of business.

Mr.Schwendler and Mr.Vos are the importers and parts can be secured from S&V Imports, 306 East 55th Street, New York, NY, 10021; phone 212-751-4899. In a pinch, Charles Schwendler has proved to be an extraordinarily knowledgeable and helpful consultant.

It should be everyone's desire to maintain his (or her) car at the highest possible level. To do so will require a bi-monthly Newsletter of technical data and owner information. Newsletter #1 will be mailed to the first twenty members in February – 200 extra copies will be available for new members. All memberships ($12.00) are for the calendar year 1974 and will secure all 1974 Newsletters.

Please try to spread the word of the Club's existence. If you have discover- ed technical facts which could help others, send them along. If you know of the presence of wrecks or of repairmen with special competence this could be made known to all. If you wish to buy or sell an Intermeccanica car, list it (free) in the Newsletter.

In late Summer, or sooner if it can be done, we should have a get-together –– perhaps on Long Island or in Pennsylvania. I will try to secure a speaker who can inform us all. Or perhaps we should meet at the Grand Prix of the U.S. at Watkins Glen, New York in October. It's really up to you. Let me hear from you.

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