Squire Factory & Historical Photos
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Trofarello, Italy Intermeccanica factory where Squires are being assembled.
Fiberglass body amidst Indras
Frame and bodies
Squire on lift next to Indras
Squire Ford powerplants
Inside the warehouse
Tavern on the Green, New York 1971.   Squire as introduced to the press.
Mel Farber, first owner of a Squire SS-100, posing with his fiancÚ, Georgia Malick.  As seen in the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, June 10, 1974.
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The early prototype, note the non-standard rear lights.
Prototype in 1971.
Ed Felbin behind the wheel, note flip-down windshield which US DOT did not approve.
Five Photos:
Near Triuggio, Italy and the Fiat storage yards sits chassis number two.  Notice the non-standard fender light and "eared" knock-off hub.  All Squires were equipped with octagonal hubs because the knock offs were illegal to import.  Notice the early non-standard spare wheel hub.  These photos were taken by Auto Sport Importers founder Ed Felbin and later donated to Ed Spielman.
Here is a current photo of Art Stahl's chassis number fifty, the last Squire built.