Intermeccanica Pictorial History: Italy
imtifctry.jpg (27327 bytes) Outside the factory
copperitaliahanging.jpg (26443 bytes) Copper etching of an Italia
imtiitaliabody.jpg (28127 bytes) Italia body sitting in warehouse
imtirustybodies.jpg (22809 bytes) Italia bodies rusting behind the factory
imtiyiconvassbly.jpg (39790 bytes) Italia near completion
imtiyiconvwaxed.jpg (34114 bytes) Italia waxed and ready to go
imtibodiesinwhrse.jpg (29438 bytes) Indras, Indras, Indras
imtibodyindrafrt.jpg (20682 bytes)
imtibodyindralr.jpg (31247 bytes)
imtiinddraworkers.jpg (32173 bytes)
imtijigindra.jpg (36270 bytes)
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